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Q: Can a collection agency who says they are with a law office sue you if they purchased your debt three years ago from the original creditor in Arizona?
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Can a creditor in Arizona report you as a charge off when you are still making payments on the vehicle?

Only if they actually took the charge off.

What is the Statute of Limitations in Arizona about credit card debt?

Credit cards are considered "open accounts" the SOL in Arizona is 3 years. SOL's only apply to the time limit in which a creditor can FILE the lawsuit. It is possible to be served with a lawsuit summons after three years if the creditor filed before the SOL expired.

Does a creditor have to have a court order for garnish a bank account?

Yes. A creditor can not just simply walk into a bank and demand your money. Only a court can have a creditor take money from your bank account. Actually, the court would probably order the bank to pay a certain amount to the creditor from your account rather than give the creditor the right to take money out of your account. A supreme court decision stopped that racket in Arizona.

Can a lender garnish your social security income after a repossession in Arizona?

No. All SS benefits are exempt by federal law from creditor attachment.

What is the best way to a dispute debt from a collection agency if the debt shows as resolved closed or written off from the original creditor?

Writing off a debt is not forgiving it. All that means is that the debt is no longer active in their accounting system and written on their behalf into another. You can't dispute that which is still owed. Its like saying you don't have to send your mother a birthday card because she moved from Minneapolis to Phoenix...she must not have a birthday because you have never celebrated it in Arizona.

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