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No, a company who wants to make a loan is not allowed to pull your credit without your consent. If you've filled out an application form or provided your information to the bank, in the interest of obtaining a loan they have every right (and if in writing, your consent) to do a credit check to view your history.

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No, a company can not charge a credit card without permission. This violation should be reported immediately to your credit card company. need to call your credit card company and file a complaint.

you have a legal right to keep your personal information personal if you didn't sign a paper giving them permission to run your credit take them to court and get yourself some justice find out why and what their motive was

My guess is that company was a collection agency? Never give anyone your bank info, or credit card info. If the company was a legitimate company you were doing business with and you did not authorize payment dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Yes it is against the law, because by running someone's credit without permission is committing Fraud.

No. Major reputable credit card companies won't even activate your card until you have the device in your hand.Reputable credit card companies will NOT activate your card prior to sending the card out regardless of your permission. Activation by trustworthy credit card companies ONLY is derived after the card is mailed AND you have provided both identity and physical proof that the card should be activated.AnswerA credit card company is not allowed to activate a credit card unless they have your permission,or there are some type of term or condition that allows them to do that .Try calling the company and ask why it was activated w/o your permission, and definetely make sure that they never do it again,and make sure no other credit card company can ever do that.

Absolutely ... happens all the time ... like when people get these credit card offers in the snail-mail ... the credit company has checked your rating to see if you might qualify for one of their cards.

Yes. They have the right to do that. They are the one who is giving you the credit in the first place. Not only can they do that but they can also take away all your credit and close your account for no reason at all if they choose too and they can also sell your account to another company without your permission just because they want too. But they have to notify you that they are doing that. Yes, they can change or even cancel your limit without your consent.

Not without permission otherwise it is stealing and you are a thief.

when you ask said lender for a loan, you will sign a release that allows them to obtain your credit report and show it to you.If you are applying for credit, you may give permission for a credit review. Otherwise, your credit cannot be reviewed without your permission.

In most cases a card holding spouse can add the other as an "authorized user" without permission, however those types of cards are not liable for repayment of the balance, even on transactions preformed on their card. It is not legal for one spouse to add the other on any credit applications has a "co-signer" without that persons permission. However, the liability would not be in the hands of the credit card company, since if you are listed as a "co-signed" and claim you did not agree, sign-up or give you spouse permission, you risk your spouse being turned over to the States Attorneys office for consideration of Credit Card and Identify Fraud.

if you use it without permission or stole it then you will get in deep trouble. unless they give you permission.

You can't download any game without the permission of the company that created it without breaking the law, unless it's available in the Wii's or Xbox360's online shop where you can download games with credit.

No, beacuse that is will be using the person's credit card without their permission. That is considered credit card fraud.

Yes, they can sure you for any monies still owed on the vehicle. No, nobody can charge anything to your credit card without your permission. But beware, there may well be some clause worked into the mice-type on the agreement that you never even noticed was there. Go over any paperwork you have; if you don't see anything about implied permission given for them to charge your account, dispute the charge with your credit company and file a formal complaint.

You can have the arrested. It depends on how serious the issue is (usually meaning how much they charaged). In any case, you should immediately dispute the charges with your credit card company if you don't want to pay the bill.

No. Credit history can only be obtained if the person has given their permission. Any company accessing your credit must have a permissable purpose as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. One such purpose is an inquiry relevant to an existing account. Collection agencies frequently perform inquiries based on their contractual relationship with their client (who had a contractual relationship with you), therefore allowing them access to your credit file.

If they have granted permission. Ideally they'd contact the credit card company to add you as an authorized user.

If you have contacted the agency and applied for a rental, they have your permission to search your credit. It is a common part of all applications. even an emplyer may pull an emplyment credit report upon application for a job.

When you examine your credit report, you will see the inquiries that have been made and by whom. There are limitations to who can pull your credit report without your permission.

If you do not give the name of the person you know or suspect used your credit card without permission, then the credit card company could hold YOU liable for ALL charges that person made. The decision seems pretty simple to me... save the other person, or save myself from paying for their illegal purchases.... it is a no-brainer. Turn the person in, so they know the consequences of illegal acts.

Without their permission: theft, and possibly fraud (if using debit/credit cards etc.) With permission: lots of fun.

You may give them permission to quote your work without crediting you or citing it, but this does not make it ethical, moral, or legal.

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