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yes if you have a dc to ac inverter.... for an answer on direct current you need to read up on basic electricity...sorry good way to think of it is you could not use gas to run a diesel engine. they are not made to process energy the same way....

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โˆ™ 2006-03-04 17:36:50
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Q: Can a computer be operated by a DC source if not why?
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What is an example of an electronic source?

if you are looking for source of electronics than I'll say that basically material semiconductor are the source of electronics. if you are asking about power sources than electronics devices are operated on DC power source. and also can produce DC supply Rectifier is an example.

Why is DC series motor is used more than shunt wound DC motor?

Series DC motor develops a very large amount of turning force called torque from standstill and can be operated by using either an AC or DC power source.

Is bulb operate on ac or DC?

It can be operated using both AC or DC

Is the first computer in DC?

yes the first computer was a DC.

Why the windings burn when transformer is operated in DC?

Transformers are not intended to be operated in DC. DC does not provide the continuously fluctuating current that a transformer requires in order to function. On DC, a transformer will act as a transient mode inductor, and settle out to a high current state, destroying itself.

How do you charge a supercapacitor?

use a dc power source. preferably an ac/dc power adapter. any dc power source will do.

What is the different between ac dc motors?

DC Motor works on DC source and AC motor works on AC source

What are DC Choppers?

Dc chopper is a static device which converts constant dc source to variable dc.

What is a motor design that works with either an AC source or a DC source?

A variable speed module in a motor can work with ac or dc source

What can you do that is fun with a DC motor?

Build a small battery-operated vibrator.

What is an dc meachine?

it is a machine which operates on the dc power source.

Who designed the first relay operated computer?

Howard Aiken designed the first relay operated computer that is Howard Mark II.

Who developed the first relay operated computer?

Howard Aiken developed the first relay operated computer that is Howard Mark II.

What happened to DC voltage source which is in series with AC voltage source?

The two sources add together, imposing a DC bias to the AC source.

What happened if the DC voltage in the clamping circuit is replaced by an AC source?

we will get rectified voltage at the case we replaced the DC source with AC source

Can incandescent lamp run on DC?

yes incandescent lamp can run on dc, for example dc cell operated torch employs incandescent lamp of small watt

Prove that capcitor will be open circuited if DC source is applied?

Prove that capcitor will be open circuited if DC source is applied?

Where do you use dc motors?

Most commonly in small battery operateddevices.

Can you plug an AC computer into a DC plug?

You can plug an AC computer into a DC plug only if you also have an inverter to transform the DC power into the AC power that the computer power supply expects.

What do you call a person who operates a computer?

Computer user. Nowadays computer can be "operated" by really anybody.

Which instrument is best to use to check whether the source of supply is AC or DC?

The simplest is a voltmeter; the best is an oscilloscope. All modern voltmeters have an AC/DC selector switch. When set to AC and measuring a DC source, the reading will be 0; when set to DC and measuring an AC source, the reading will be 0 or varying wildly. An oscilloscope will show you a flat line for a DC source, and a sinusoidal curve centered at 0 for an AC source.

Why dc source is used for dc supply?

it is only work on it so that used

What is meant by DC motor?

a motor designed to operate on DC power source.

What are the requirements of dc motor?

You need suitable DC power source to run it.

How can I convert a DC adapter operated device into one that uses a battery?

A: A DC adapter is basically like a battery except it is conditioned from an AC source. To change over measure the voltage when fully operational then switch to battery that have the same voltage as the adapter. the only concern should be the power required