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Can a concussion cause severe nose bleeds?

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If you have a bad enough bruise on the brain it could. You should go to the doctor and have a scan done, to make sure that you are not bleeding severly.

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Can a mild concussion to the forehead cause nose bleeds a week after the injury?

I would think so, but GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR.

Does mothballs cause nose bleeds?

I have never known mothballs to cause nose bleeds.

What is the caused of headaches followed by nosebleed?

High blood pressure can cause headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds. Dry winter air can cause nose bleeds, and a headache. Another cause could be from severe nose picking, that can cause horrible headaches and nose bleeds. Blowing your nose too hard can cause a very bad headache and a possible nose bleed. But any combination of a headache and nose bleeding consistantly would warrant a visit to your health care practitioner. Probably is nothing but worth getting checked out.

Does HIV cause nose bleeds?

does hiv cause nose bleed

Does hayfever cause nose bleeds?


Can the pill cause nose bleeds?


Can nose bleeds be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning?

can carbon monoxide poisoning cause nose bleeds

What causes nose bleeds in a 5 year old?

What my cause a 5 year old to have frequent nose bleeds?

Can huffing cause nose bleeds?


Can methimazole cause nose bleeds?


Can Concerta cause nose bleeds?

Concerta can cause changes in skin and cause dryness. In mucous membranes, such as the lining of the nose, dryness can lead to nose bleeds. If this becomes excessive or bothersome, contact your doctor.

Can dehydration cause nose bleeds?

Dry air, possibly, but being physically dehydrated should not induce nose bleeds.

What does it mean when your nose bleeds 3 days in a row?

There are many reasons why people get nose bleeds. Overly dry air in the house can be one reason for nose bleeds. However, if you have nose bleeds for several days in a row you should speak to your doctor, who can determine a cause.

Can anemia cause nose bleeds?

Yes, it actually does. Ive been anemic for years and always get both nose bleeds and headaches

Can the use of Sucralose or Splenda cause nose bleeds?


Can low iron cause nose bleeds?


Does melatonin thin blood and cause nose bleeds?


If you get hit with a football in the face and your nose bleeds can you get a concussion?

Yes, if the hit to the head is hard enough. I personally threw a pass that hit a friend hard enough to give him a concussion. We had to take him to the campus clinic. They diagnosed him with a concussion.

What could be the cause of nose bleeds during sleep?

These things can be unimportant but they can also mean severe problems You may want to be seen by a doctor if you find you get these

Does Prednisone cause nose bleeds?

can using prednisone or topical betamethasone dipropionate cause a nose bleed

Can energy drinks cause nose bleeds?

i believe so as i personally drank too much and had nose bleeds for the next 3 days

Can smoking weed trigger nose bleeds?

Yes, smoking tobacco or anything else can irritate the nasal cavity and cause nose bleeds.

What causes frequent nose bleeds?

its cause if your nose is dry or the heat and other things.

Can sinus infections cause nose bleeds?

Yes sinus infection causes nose bleed.

Does chemo cause fatigue and nose bleeds?

Chemotherapy causes nose bleeds, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. You may experience any or all of these side affects