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Q: Can a convicted felon from Bermuda leave his country and visit the us he is not on parole or probation?
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Can a convicted felon who is on probation but not parole get a United States passport?

No, since you are still on Probation, this will prohibit you from getting out of the Country so you will have a problem applying.

Can a convicted felon go to the Bahamas?

If the convicted felon is on probation or parole, check with his or her assigned probation or parole officer. Otherwise, with the exception of a court order relating to traveling, there should be n problems.

Can a convicted felon who is on probation still travel outside the us?

As long as they get permission frim their parole officer. But, if they are a convicted felon, it is highly unlikely that a foreign country will allow that person to travel into their country.

Is a convicted felon allowed to leave country?

I am a convicted felon and recently traveled out of the country with no problem. I am no longer on probation though. I am rather sure if you are on probation, you must obtain permission from your probation officer.Added: If you have completed your sentence and/or you are released on parole with no travel restrictions, you may apply for a passport and travel outside of the country. CAUTION: Not all nations will grant persons convicted of certain crimes permission to enter their country.

Can convicted felons vote in the state of Wisconsin?

Yes they can after their probation or parole period is complete.

Can a convicted felon travel to Bahamas?

Yes, unless you are on parole or probation it shouldn't be a problem.

Can a convicted felon go out of the country and return?

Yes a convicted felon may leave the country unless on probation or parole. If this is the case, the convict must get written consent by their parole officer to do so. This applies in the USA.Additional: Note that some countries may not grant you entrance because of your criminal status.

Can people on probation and parole live together?

Two previously convicted persons on parole and/or probation or any combination may not cohabitate without previous permission from the supervising agents of both parties.

Can convicted felons fly without problems from airport security?

What is meant by 'convicted felons?' Are you now free after serving your time? Are you on parole or probation?

What happens when a felon has a gun?

If coaught and convicted, they can go to Fedral prison for 5 years. No probation, no parole.

Can you leave the country if you are on probation for a punishment lower than a misdemeanor?

That would depend on the conditions you must follow according to the terms of your parole/probation you entered into for whatever reason. If your parole/probation agreement said that you were not to leave the country, then it would be a violation of the agreement if you were to do so. They could violate/terminate the parole/probation and file charge(s) against you for violating the parole/probation agreement. Your best bet is to contact your assigned parole/probation officer and get a written statement (signed) from them with the determination of whether you can leave the country without violating your parole/probation agreement. Written proof is the best way to cover your neck, just in case they say you left without first asking them, if it was all right to leave the country without violating your parole/probation agreement.

Can a convicted felon work with another convicted felon at a car lot?

If he has served the full term of his sentence and is not on parole or probation, yes. HOWEVER - if they are on parole or probation it would not be unusual for one of the conditions of their release to be that they not associate with known felons. THAT might prevent them from holding employment at a place where another convicted felon is employed.

Can a convicted felon travel to Bahamas or Cancun Mexico?

If you are under probation or parole I doubt it because you cant go out of the city or county, but if you are just a convicted felon, yes, you can go out of the country, and Mexico wouldn't min letting you in.

Can convicted felons enter the State of Minnesota?

Yes. They can enter any State. If they are currently on parole or probation they would probably need permission to travel to another state from their probation/parole officer. Supervision can also be transferred to another state with the receiving state's consent by interstate compact agreement. If the convicted felon is no longer on probation or parole supervision they can move to wherever they want (unless a sex offender).

Can you own a bullet proof vest while on probation in Missouri?

Contact your probation officer on this question. Many states DO prohibit convicted persons, and persons released on parole/probation from owning such items.

What is the difference between a probation officer and a parole officer?

A probation officer handles clients who are on probation. A parole officer handles people who are released on parole.

Can a convicted felon live with a person that has a handgun in Indiana?

I do not think so, most states do not permit a convicted felon to be around hand guns. Especially if they are on parole or probation, and the Parole officier can and will come to your home unannounced and if they see that or feel that may be the case, they can violate the parole.

Can you go out of state if your a convicted felon?

You should be able to -UNLESS- your movement is restricted by court order, or the provisions of your probation/parole.

Can a convicted GA felon own knive in MN after probation?

IF his parole/probation has been completed he is just another citizen, with the exception it shows he was a convicted felon. So if he has served his sentence, completed his parole time I do not see any reason as why he could not own a knife. He has kitchen knives at his house I assume ? ?

Can a convicted felon on probation get married to a convicted felon on parole?

Provided you were both in the relationship before your conditional releases, then it is possible, if you first obtain the permission of both the parole and probation officers. If this is a relationship that developed after either of you were put on supervised release, it is more likely than either or both of you could be violated and returned to incarceration for having contact with another convicted felon.

How are probation and parole alike?

in the uk probation is used as an alternative to prison where parole is where someone has been in prison and released on parole x

Can a convicted felon get a passport and go to Germany?

Yes, and no. If you are either court ordered not to leave the country, or are on any kind probation/parole which restricts your travel, then of course not. But if you are neither of those then you should be able to.

What has the author David Dressler written?

David. Dressler has written: 'Practice and theory of probation and parole' -- subject(s): Parole, Probation 'Probation and parole' -- subject(s): Parole, Probation 'Readings in criminology and penology' -- subject(s): Corrections, Criminology, Prisons

What has the author Arthur Parker Miles written?

Arthur Parker Miles has written: 'Time studies in probation and parole' -- subject(s): Wisconsin, Probation, Parole, Time study 'Problems of the theory building in probation and parole' -- subject(s): Probation, Parole

Probation and parole?

the primary role of both parole and probation is to protect the community from future criminal acts