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Can a convicted felon obtain a passport?

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Yes you can, BUT...

If you were convicted of a federal or state drug felony, and used the passport to cross an international boundary or some other way to further the offense. This disqualification lasts while impriosned or while you are on probation/parole.

The passport office also checks your name against a list. Basically, if you have any outstanding warrants, or child support owed over 5,000, you will be on this list. Also, any law enforcement can request your name to be placed on this list if they do not want you to get a passport, eg likelihood to flee to avoid prosecution, etc.

Generally, just because you fgot convicted does not mean you cannot get a passport, except for the child support issue.

Not all persons convicted of a felony are ineligible for obtaining a US passport.

Please contact the Federal Passport Agency for information related to your specific situation. Toll Free 1-877-487-2778

I've scoured the internet searching for an answer to this exact question. I'm not an expert, but it seems that a convicted felon CAN get a passport.

It seems that the passport is merely an international identification document much like a driver's license.

It used to be that a passport wasn't required for US citizens travelling to the Caribbeans (just a birth certificate and other identifying information), but that is changing with the issuance of passport cards.

A felons in general are able to obtain passports but the final authority is the US Government. Even after you obtain a passport or passcard you still have the problem of being allowed to enter other countries. Many will restrict felons from entering (Australia) and some restrict based on the crime(s) involved (Canada, Brittan/UK). Some require that you only stay for a certain length of time and/or register upon arrival.

Keep in mind, we are discussing US passports as I'm sure other countries have their own methods. One thing I do know is that it is difficult for felons to permanently re-locate to Another Country because nearly all countries require a background check of some sort. The nature of the crime, I'm sure, makes a HUGE difference is who gets accepted or not. I used to know a website that could explain all the relocation requirements for many countries, but I've since lost it. However, you can google up some answers for that subject with something like (your country) permanent residency.

2011-08-15 04:02:21
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Q: Can a convicted felon obtain a passport?
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Can a convicted felon obtain a passport if owe child support?

No. They can obtain a passport when child support is all paid up and they're not behind. Some countries will not allow a convicted felon to obtain a visa to visit. Canada is one country that does not allow convicted felons.

Can a convicted felon of aggravated assault obtain a passport and visa?

You can get a passport, however, a visa will depend on the country to where you are attempting to travel.

Can a convicted felon visit Dubai?

No as you would need to leave the country and a convicted felon is not permitted to obtain a passport. Attempting to sneak out of the country will also result in an arrest.

Can a convicted felon obtain a business license and surety bond in Florida?

can a convicted felon obtain a business license and surety bond in florida?

Can a convicted felon take an airplane?

A convicted felon can fly on a plane as long as they stay within the country. This is because a convicted felon can not be issued a passport.

Can you get a passport if you have a deferred felony?

Even as i convicted felon, you can still get a passport.

Can a convicted felon on parole obtain a passport and leave the country?

No. You cant even leave the state - sometimes the county - you live in.

Can a convicted felon have a passport?

Yes, convicted felons can have passports but if they are on trial or out on bail the courts may hold the passport.

Can a convicted felon get a passport if convicted of transporting illegal aliens across the border?


Can a felon get into Canada with a passport?

The simple answer is no. You have to petition the British government to get entry into Canada if you are a convicted felon.

Can a convicted felon move to Panama?

If a person can legally obtain a passport and visa he or she can travel to Panama. Also, the person cannot have any outstanding warrants.

Can convicted felon obtain Georgia cosmetology license?

i would like to know if i'm able to obtain a georgia cosmetology license by me being a convicted felon and can i get it esponded to get my license

How can a convicted felon obtain a liquor license in California?

i doubt it

Can a convicted felon obtain a barber's license in Arizona?


Can you obtain a passport if you've been convicted of a felony?


How does a felon get rights restored to obtain a passport and vote again I was convicted in Arizona in 95 but now live in Colorado?

Contact the local US Attorney. They will be able to assist you.

Can a convicted felon obtain a passport for Scotland?

Unless you are under some kind of travel restriction imposed by the court, probably. The question is: Will the United Kingdom admit you to the country?

Can a convicted felon obtain a z card for ship work?

yes why not

Can a convicted felon obtain an insurance license in Ohio?

sorry but i doubt it

Can a convicted felon obtain a driver's license in a different state?


Can a convicted felon obtain a passport to Ireland?

Check with the Irish embassy before you leave. You may get to Ireland only to be denied entry. Ireland has restrictions on felonies committed in ANY country. your passport WILL be checked against a criminal database.

Can a convicted felone get a passport?

Yes. A convicted felon may legally obtain a passport, provided that there is no specific court imposed revocation of a person's right to apply for and obtain a passport. For example, a person who is on probation or parole can still apply for and receive a passport, regardless of his or her criminal history. Only when a law enforcement agency can show just cause to believe that a felon is at risk of evading pending criminal proceedings or leaving an area of designated jurisdiction, and only after said agency makes a specific written request to the passport processing division of the State Department in Washington, DC, or if the applicant has an outstanding federal warrant, can an applicant be denied a passport.

Can a convicted felon obtain a professional HVAC license in the state of TX?


Can a convicted felon obtain a Private investigators licence in Florida?

HIGHLY unlikely.

In the state of ma can a felon own a muzzle loader?

negative...if you are a convicted felon u cannot obtain a firearms permit