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No, but if a creditor decides to sue the debtor, the legal counsel can request that the court have a bank account "frozen" until the case is heard or until a ruling is made on the ownership and/or exemption status of the funds in the account. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Only a Judge can do this. Y-THINK-Y

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Q: Can a credit card company authorize your bank to put a freeze on your money?
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You gave a company your credit card as proof of id and they took money without permission?

My guess is that company was a collection agency? Never give anyone your bank info, or credit card info. If the company was a legitimate company you were doing business with and you did not authorize payment dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Can a credit card company freeze your bank account?

A credit card company cannot freeze your bank account. However, it can sue you in court for any overdue balance. If the credit card company is successful, the court will issue a judgment lien that the creditor can use to freeze your bank account and seize any money you have on deposit. In fact, the judgment lien can be used to seize any assets you own to satisfy the lien.

What was the first colony to authorize paper money?

The Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1690, they were called "Bills of Credit".

What does a company need to do to borrow money?

Capital or credit.

Proposed laws to authorize spending money are called?

Proposed laws to authorize spending money are called appropriations bills.

Where can one apply for an Egg money credit card?

One can no longer apply for an Egg money credit card. The company was sold to Barclaycard in early 2011. One can apply for a Barclaycard credit card at the company website.

What branch can borrow money?

The Legislative Branch is the only part of the government that can authorize the borrowing of money. The Executive Branch can request the money be borrowed but cannot authorize it.

What was the main purpose of the company as Credit Mobilier?

To make money.

What do you do if a company does not refund your money to your credit card within 30 days?

You have 60 days to file a dispute with the credit card company. Call the company who owes you money and tell them they have 48 hours to refund your money or you will do a "chargeback." Companies hate that word because it is like a bounced check, they get charged a $25 fee (varies from state to state). If they do not refund your money, call your credit card company and tell them you want to dispute a charge on your credit account.

I am a corporate secretary and the company that i work gave me a credit card and told me i can use it now they want their money back?

Credit cards borrow money, so if you've used the card, then you owe the company that money back.

Which credit reporting company does GE money bank use for credit evaluations?

They pulled only from Equifax for me.

What is an annual credit card fee?

Its a fee the credit card company charges you yearly for using their money

What was the main purpose of the company known as credit mobilier?

To make money.

If a credit card company says you owe them money but it is not on your credit report do you have to pay?

If it isn't on your credit report, the credit card company still has hopes of you paying it off. When they see that isn't going to happen, you can bet your butt that it WILL be on your credit report.

If you did not pay your credit card what happens?

the credit card company sends people to get their money i would want to pay them.

Who do I owe money to credit card or bank if I get a credit card?

You owe the money to the credit card company. Some credit card companies are part of banks or they allow their credit cards to be used through a bank, but they are specific entities in their own right.

Can a credit card company or debt collector take money from your IRA?

No they cannot

What happens if credit card dues are not paid n credit card company sues you?

they will take your money and repossess your belongings

Is purchases returns a debit or credit balance?

It's a credit - if a company buys something - then returns it, they get credited with the money they have spent.

Can you use an ATM card online?

Yes. If the card is a debit card then you are spending your own money. If it is a Credit Card then you spending the credit card companies money and you can quickly forget how you can repay that money back to the credit card company with interest

Can IRAs be garnished for credit card debt?

Any individual savings account can be garnished against defrauding a credit card company. Retirement money from corporate plans can not. Defrauding a credit card company is serious business and they will do everything they can to recoup the stolen funds. If the credit card company can prove you attempted to use the cards to put that money into the IRA they can prosecute for fraud and theft.

Can you send credit from someone to someone else?

No, you can not give credit that you have to someone else. You can loan someone money or your credit card, but you are still responsible for paying the credit card company back.

What are creditors define as?

Creditors - are people you owe money to... whether that's a credit card company, a utility company or your friends !

What are creditors defines as?

Creditors - are people you owe money to... whether that's a credit card company, a utility company or your friends !

Can a credit card company go after you for money forever?

As long as you have the debt, there is no expiration date.