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Notify them that the credit card was stolen to the credit card company and dispute all the charges on the credit card. You would also have to file a police report if the credit card was stolen. The credit card company must investigate the charges.

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The law is derived from three main sources what are they

If there is an erroneous payment then

These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

How do you know which transactions are awaiting your approval

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Q: Can a credit card company bill a consumer for unauthorized charges if the credit card was improperly issued by the credit card company and the card was not activated and was stolen from the home?
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Does disputing unauthorized charges lower one's credit score?

No it should have no affect on your CR. All charges that a consumer feels are invalid should be challenged. With the CRA and with the credit issuer.

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Do visa debit cards provide consumer protection?

Yes. You have protection from unauthorized charges and any suspicious activity they see on your card. They also have a security code that verifies you as the user of the card.

If you lose your card are you liable for any charges made by an unauthorized person?

No, you are usually not liable for any charges that an unauthorized person makes on the card. You need to let the company know promptly that your card has been lost, though.

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How do you report a bad credit card company?

Credit Cards can be an asset to your personal finances. You report your credit card company to regulatory or consumer rights agencies, if they engage in bad business practices such as abuse or unauthorized charges and contract amendments.

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Not if they had a key or other means to get into the house without "breaking and entering". Contact the police and report the unauthorized entry. You cannot file charges on someone for this, the police need to. If the circumstances don't warrant filing charges, they'll explain why.

If you don't activate your credit card do you still have to pay anything?

NO. I had a credit card for 6 months before i actually activated it, and there were no former charges!

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