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Florida has unlimited homestead protection, therefore a forced sale of property to pay debt is impossible. A lien cannot be executed against a person's primary residence. The exception tax defaults, mortgages or judgment(s) pertaining to home improvement/repair. The SS and VA benefits are 100% exempted from creditor actions. Depending on what other property the person owns,they may be judgment proof. (

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Q: Can a credit card company put a lien on your property if you live in Florida you have been told they can not you take care of your mom and I am on her account she gets SS and VA can they freeze her?
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Can a UK citizen who has bought property in Florida open a bank account and get a US bank credit card if he has very good credit?


Can credit card company garnish state retirement check in Florida?

Credit card companies could not garnish a retirement account at one time in Florida.

In the state of Florida under homestead exemption can a collection company for a credit card place a lien on that property or force a sale?

how do i get an answer to this question

Can a a credit company file the same account twice on your credit report?

It happens and can be disputed. Call you credit card company or credit agencies.

What account is debited when a company returns merchandise to a vendor on credit?


When does accounts receivable have a credit balance?

If an account has a credit balance the customer must have overpaid on their account or a credit was issued by the company and posted to the customers account, resulting in a credit or negative balance.

How can you make the credit card company reopen an account and remove 'closed by credit grantor' from your credit report?

You can't MAKE a credit card company reopen an account. You can call the credit bureau and request that they change the status to indicate that is was closed by you and not the credit grantor. Or, you can simply put a notation in your credit report stating that the account was closed by you and not the card company.

Can a credit card company reopen a charged off account?

No, a credit card company will not reopen a charged off account. They may choose to grant you a new line of credit, but this would be rare.

How does a company get your bank account information?

Credit report?

Do your give credit to websites?

Yes and when we do facebook steals all our information and sell it world wide and makes money that way my account they closed because they are letting some company in florida in my account and information

If supplies are return back to company and a reduction is on the account is it a credit or debit?

Debit account

Who is the repossession company for Ford credit?

Who handles ford credit repos in Ocala,Florida 34479?

How are credit accounts affected when another company buys them out?

When often another company buys a credit card company, they have purchased your account. Most often, it is business as usual, and payments are directed to the new owner of the account.

What is the journal entry in purchasing software?

If you are a company and purchasing software for the company then the entry would be a credit to the checking/cash account and then a debit to an expense account.

When you close an amazon account does your credit card info get closed aswell or dods the company keep all of this info?

When your Amazon account is closed, the credit card info that is associated with the account will not be kept by the company and will be deleted also.

What should be Journal entry for purchase of building from capital reserve account?

Credit your capital account, debit the freehold property account

What point can you request a settlement on credit card debt?

Settlement usually occurs when the account is past due and has been closed. You can either try to settle with the credit card company, or the debt collector that the credit company sold the account to.

Is the spouse responsible for a deceased spouse's credit card debt if her name is not on the account nor has she used the credit card in the State of Florida?

depends if live in a community property state--check with your state laws/call atty generals office

What does the company Creditline deal in?

No company named Creditline could be found. A credit line is the amount of credit available to a consumer or business on a credit card or bank account.

Can you close your credit card account and continue to make payments?

No, what usaully takes place is that the credit card company freeze your credit card account and you continue to make payments

Can you pay your debt to the original company if the debt has been passed to a credit company?

No because the original company has 'sold' the debt to the credit company or in other words the credit company has bought the debt account from the original company for less than what you owe. That is why credit companies keep chasing you to pay them.

What is the difference between a Debit and a Credit as it relates to Accounts Receivable?

Accounts Receivable is an account that holds what a person or company owes your business. For example you sold a computer to a customer on credit, this credit is listed in an Accounts Receivable and is an asset.Asset accounts maintain a Debit Balance, meaning that a debit to the account will increase the account (in other words increase the amount the customer owes the company).A credit to the account will decrease the balance of that account (in other words, it records payment or credit to that customers account and decreases the amount the customer owes the company).

If a credit card company gets a judgment for bad debt and the card is only in one name can a joint property be taken in Florida?

The property can not be taken if is it a joint property. If you are the only one on the judgement, then your spouse is entitled to protect his/her property. He/she must file an affidavit with the court and the sheriff's department to obtain an exemption of the property.

Does a credit card company have the right to attack your bank account?

Nope, unless your bank is the one you have your credit card with and even then if you send in writing to the company a request to contact you before debiting your account for a disputed charge to your account. Hope that helps.

Is cash a debit or credit account?

It is a debit from the company side it is always a debit and when you pay out cash it is a credit