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No, a credit card company will not reopen a charged off account. They may choose to grant you a new line of credit, but this would be rare.

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Q: Can a credit card company reopen a charged off account?
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How can you make the credit card company reopen an account and remove 'closed by credit grantor' from your credit report?

You can't MAKE a credit card company reopen an account. You can call the credit bureau and request that they change the status to indicate that is was closed by you and not the credit grantor. Or, you can simply put a notation in your credit report stating that the account was closed by you and not the card company.

Can a credit card company reopen an investigation on a fraudulent account if it was charged off and then was disputed and now has been deleted from your credit file?

If they have reason to believe the account was reported or disputed fraudulently or that new information has been discovered, they can investigate further.

Can you reopen a credit card that you closed?

Yes, you can request your issuing credit card company or bank to reopen your credit card that you closed. I did that with one of my credit cards. However, make sure that you had a good record on that particular closed account and that you check if all the balances have been paid before you closed the account in order not to ruin your credit history.

Can you re-open a credit card once closed?

Credit card companies will not reopen a credit card account once it has been closed. The company will issue a new credit card and new account if it wishes to do business with the person.

How can you reopen your MySpace account?

How can you reopen your myspace account?

Can you reopen a credit card that was closed by the issuer?

No. The reason a credit issuer closes an account is because they no longer consider you an acceptable risk.

How can you reopen a credit card account that you closed?

First, just ask. But, you will probably have to complete a new application so that a new credit bureau report can be pulled.

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Can you reopen a written off credit card?

no you cannot! sorry

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Can you reopen a bank account that's been closed?

No. Once a bank account is closed, the account number remains unused by the bank for seven or more years (it varies by individual bank). You may reopen a new account with the same bank, provided the first account was not closed by the bank for improprieties perpetrated by you.

How long do you have to wait after closing a credit card account before you can reopen it again with the 0 percent apr introductory rates?

That is at the discretion of the issuing financial institution. They may not grant a previous card holder who has closed the account special offers.

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Is it illegal for a bank to reopen a customer's account without permission?


Can the primary account holder remove the name of the secondary holder?

Pay off the balance and close the account. Then reopen a new account with only the primary holder.

Can you reopen a car loan account that has been charge off to pay it off in a payment plan?

No. Once the loan is charged off, it is technically off the lender's active books. It is still advisable to pay off the charged off amount so as to correct any issues it may have created for your credit rating. Be advised however that if you do not have a signed agreement with the lender, they are not required by law to accept any partial payments, and can refuse anything less that payment in full.

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