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Another person's credit information should never be on your reports UNLESS you were an authorized user, a joint owner, or in a community property state and the debt was incurred during the marriage. If none of these apply, dispute it with the credit bureaus.

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Why do you refer to a deceased person as The Late?

The adjective late acquired the meaning of deceased in the 15th century. It is related to the usage of the word meaning recent.

Can IRS levy IRA of deceased individual for back taxes owed?


In Louisiana is the surviving spouse responsible for the child support payments of a deceased individual?


What is a funeral hearse?

It's the car the carries the coffin with deceased individual in it to the funeral

Can you sue on behalf of a deceased?

you are suingon behalf of the estate or individual representing the deceased. done all the time. whats the principal stuff before this? dan

How can someone get a copy of a will in California?

It depends on who's will it is. If the person is still living, you have no right to a copy. If the individual is deceased, you can apply to the court for a copy, either as your right as a beneficiary, or under the Freedom of Information Act.

What if I can't refinance my deceased parents home?

Continue paying the mortgage. Don't mention that your parents are deceased. Unless the mortgagee is an individual, no one will notice a thing.

How does a mother of a deceased son obtain power of attorney?

All power of attorneys cease at the death of the individual. She would petition the court to be the executor of the estate of the deceased.

How do you find your deceased mother's national insurance number?

How do I find my deceased mothers financial information

In California the estate of a deceased individual needs to exceed what amount before a probate filing is required?

It depends upon many factors, such as if the deceased died intestate (or without a will), or if the deceased had a trust. It is best to consult an attorney for this matter.

Can you view a will if the deceased had a mirror will?

yesAdded: By the use of the past-tense word "had," it is assumed that the individual is deceased. However, if they have not yet died, you have no lawful right to view ANY copy of their will if they do not wish it.

Using scientific techniques to determine the identity of a deceased individual connected to criminal investigations?

forensic archaeology

What if adult children of deceased can't pay for funeral?

If the deceased has a Will then the funeral may well have been taken care of financially. For further information you can ask the Funeral Director what you can do to give your deceased loved on a proper burial.

Did Eric Armstrong die?

There is no information available on Eric Armstrong that states if he is deceased. Not much information can be found for Eric Armstrong.

How does one obtain a death certificate?

According to some states, a person may only file for a certified death certificate if that individual has a "tangible" interest in the deceased party. In other states, a person needs to file an application, which incudes the name of the deceased, the date of death, and the petitioner's information. Usually there is a fee. This information is usually obtained through the clerk of the court, public records, or vital records. Each state, therefore, is different.

How can you find out if somebody has left you something in his will?

If the individual is still living, unless you ask them and they agree to answer, there is no requirement that they reveal this information in advance and no legal way for you to pursue it. However, after the person is deceased and the will is presented for probate, if you are named as an heir you must, by law, be notified.

How much is it going to cost for mrs thatchers funeral?

That information is private to the family of a deceased.

Is a Husband responsible for medical bills of his deceased wife in KY?

Unfortunately, yes. If you were married when these bills occurred then yes you are responsible. It is like property of a married couple- anything that is acquired during a marriage belongs to both of you. So if these bills were acquired during your marriage then yes you are responsible. If your wife were still alive you would be held liable if you were still married. So just because she is deceased does not change this, Sorry.

What are the contents of a death certificate?

Below is a sample death certificate. The information on a death certificate is all the personal information of the deceased individual (i.e. full name, address, social security number) and also the information relating to their death (cause of death, date of death, medical history).

Can a convicted felon serve as an executor in the state of Virginia?

If the deceased has named this individual as the executor of their estate, I do not believe there is a prohibition against it.... unless.... the individual is incarcerated and unable to carry out those duties.

Is it possible for the executrix of an estate to file corrupt bankruptcy for that deceased individual?

An executor cannot file for bankruptcy in the name of the decedent.

Should historians be allowed to dig up deceased bodies for historic purpose's?

no they should not be allowed to dig up the bodies of deceased people for historical purposes and information about the past

Who can ask for bank statement of deseased?

The executor of an estate as appointed by the decedent's will and approved by the Probate Court can request bank statements of a deceased person. An individual who jointly owns the account with the deceased can also request bank statements.

How can you find information on a persons living trust?

If the person is deceased, you can contact the trustee if you know who the trustee is.

What can cause an estate to go into probate?

The death of an individual creates an estate, which is taken into probate. It is the only way to transfer property of the deceased.