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They can garnish your wages regardless of where you live or work. * Not usually, as South Carolina does not allow the garnishment of wages for creditor debt. However, if the creditor sues the debtor and wins a judgment the creditor can sometimes use UCC laws to attempt to override a state statute.

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Q: Can a credit card debt accrued in Florida be garnished from wages earned in South Carolina?
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Why are wages garnished in South Carolina?

Wages cannot be garnished for credit card debt in South Carolina. They can be garnished for unpaid taxes and child support.

Can your wages be garnished in North Carolina for credit card debt?

No, they can only be garnished for taxes, government services and child support arrearages.

Can pension funds other than Social Security be garnished for credit card debt in the state of Florida?

If it's counted on your taxes it can be garnished.

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Can wages be garnished for non payment of credit card bills in Florida?

If your creditor has obtained a judgment against you, yes.

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Credit Cards cannot be garnished. If there are credit card debts, the wages can be garnished regardless of the location of the cards.

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Can SSDI be garnished for credit card debt?


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In the state of South Carolina can your wages be garnished or bank accounts frozen for a judgment from a creditor?

NO. In S.C. they can not garnish your wages if you have a judgement of a lien. It will go on your credit report, but no garnishments.

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