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yes, but it rarely happens.

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Q: Can a creditor garnish wages from a part time job?
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Related questions

Can wages be garnished by more than one judgment creditor at a time in North Carolina?

When a creditor garnishes your wages they can only take a certain percent. Then when another creditor comes along they cant garnish your wages to because the first one is already taking the maximum allowed.

Can a creditor garnish wages after the statute of limitations has pasted?

Usually, after the time the statue of limitations has passed, it is too late to garnish wages. However, there are exceptions. It will depend on the specific law of the specific jurisdiction covering the specific situation.

How long does it take a creditor to garnish your wages?

Time to GarnishmentThe creditor first has to get permission from the courts to do so. It takes up to two years for the process. But it could take as little as six months. In Texas they can't garnish your wages at all.True, in Texas creditor's can not garnish your wages, but once the money is deposited in to your account, is not wages anymore and yes only after a judgment creditor's can freeze your bank accounts! If you are being sued, contact an attorney and and get legal advice. Filing for Bankruptcy will stopped everything.

Can your wages be garnished for a vehicle that was repossessed 7 years ago?

A creditor cannot garnish your wages unless they file a lawsuit and obtained a judgment against you. The time deadline to file a lawsuit will vary by state.

Can state and federal garnish your wages at the same time?

Can the state and federal granishee at the same time from wages

How long does it take for a credit card company to be able to garnish your wages?

A credit card company cannot garnish your wages. A creditor must follow due process according to the laws of the debtor's resident state. Which means a lawsuit would have to filed, the case won, a judgment filed and granted and then the judgment executed. All states have laws that govern garnishment amounts. Some states such as Texas do not allow creditor garnishment at all. The average time it takes for a creditor suit to be filed and reach court is 15 months.

Can you have 2 garnishments in Florida at one time on your pay check?

No. Creditor judgments for debt executed as a wage garnishments must run consecutively. In addition it is very difficult for a creditor to garnish wages that belong to a person who can be defined under Florida law as the "head of household". The one exception is a child support and/or spousal maintenance garnishment will not prevent a creditor from garnishing wages for debt, as they are considered unrelated civil actions.

Can more than one creditor garnish your wages in mo?

Judgment creditor garnishments must run consecutively not concurrently this is applicable in all US states including Missouri. *Child support deductions/garnishments and garnishments for federal and/or state tax arrearages are not "true" garnishments and can be implemented at the same time a judgment creditor garnishment is active.

Can more than one creditor garnish your wages?

Garnishments cannot run concurrently only consecutively. The first garnishment would need to be paid before another judgment creditor would be able to garnish the debtor's income. Court ordered child support deductions are not considered true garnishments and can be active at the same time that a creditor garnishment is implemented. Also, multiple creditors can execute judgments by other means, such as liens against real property belonging to the judgment debtor.

Could a credit levy and garnish your wages at the same time?

Can a collection agency already garnishing you also levy your wages

A credit card I had has been referred for collection. I set up a monthly payment arrangement which I defaulted on. They are offering me a settlement but it needs to be paid by a credit card today. If not today, they want to garnish my wages. Can they?

Garnishment is a last resort of creditors and in most cases cannot happen overnight. The garnishment process has to be brought before a judge and he or she has to agree to its implementation. A creditor cannot garnish your wages without first giving you notice. The amount of lead time and the exact process vary from state to state. Talk with your creditor about other solutions remember for them wage garnishment is a last ditch recourse

Can your wages be garnished from two different employers if one is garnished for 25 percent already in Arizona?

The only time wages can be have garnishments running concurrently is if one of the garnishments is for court ordered child support or spousal maintenance. Although in certain situations judges can allow separate creditors to garnish dual incomes, but not a dual garnishment by the same creditor.

Can you have more than one wage garnishment on your paycheck?

Not by creditors. The exception to multiple wage garnishments are, child support, federal or state tax arrearages and in rare cases spousal maintenance. Therefore a creditor could garnish wages at the same time of garnishment by the aforementioned.

Can Texas garnish your spouses wages for your child support order?

At at this point of time. see links

Can an employee have 1 child support and 2 garnishments at the same time?

Child support is not considered a 'true' garnishment. Only one judgment creditor can garnish wages at any given time. Wage garnishment judgments must run consecutively not concurrently with the garnishments taking the order in which the judgment was granted and executed.

What are the steps a credit card company does before they garnish your wages?

Simplified version: File a lawsuit, win the suit, receive a writ of judgment, execute the judgment as a wage garnishment against the debtor/defendant. The average length of time from the filing to the hearing of a creditor vs.debtor lawsuit is 15 months.

Can a collection agency garnish wages from husband and wife at the same time?

If both names are on the account that they are collecting for, YES.

How long does it take a debtor to garnish your wages, don't you have time to pay?

It depends upon the debt and also the debtor their is no specific time limit for it

is their a time frame on how long a company can wait until the garnish your wage, i have a debt from over 2 years ago and they are saying they are going to garnish my wages, can they do that.?

It depends on the state you live in. It is probably nearing the time limit and is why they did something now.

Do you have to work full time to have your wages garnished for child support?

No you do not have to work full-time. Working anytime will get your wages garnished. Child support even garnish wages on Day labor and temporary jobs. Income is income and they will take from any source of income you may have.

Can your checking account and wages be garnished at the same time?

Not for the same debt, but a wage garnishment can be implemented by one judgment creditor and a bank account levy by an additional judgment creditor.

If your wage is already garnished can they garnish it again before the other one is paid?

Wage garnishment laws and procedures vary by state. Wage garnishment is usually not a one time thing. A wage garnishment order will usually last a specified time or until the judgment is paid in full, whichever comes first. Unless the garnishment is for child support or spousal support, the most they can garnish is 25% of your net pay and you can only have one garnishment going on at a time. A little further information, wage garnishment for creditor debt is not allowed in North Carolina, Texas or Pennsylvania. It is not strictly prohibited by the laws of Florida and South Carolina, however the requirements make it very difficult for a creditor to garnish the wages of the head of household. Wage garnishments cannot run concurrently, this does not mean that it is not possible for a different creditor to levy the debtor's bank account or take other action if they have a valid judgment.

How many bank accounts can a debtor garnish at one time?

A single judgment by one creditor can only be executed as one specific "cure" and cannot be enforced as multiple levies, garnishments or liens concurrently. However, a judgment creditor can garnish a bank account or income at the same time a child support, tax arrearage and in some states spousal maintenance garnishment is active.

Can they garnish your wages in Texas if you are sued for an auto accident you only work 16 hours a week?

Yes. The fact that you only work part time is irrelevant to the plaintiff's attempts to collect a debt owed to them.

Can two companies garnish wages at the same time?

This is dependent upon the wages which are being considered. Each case is different. by law, but typically you must be allowed enough money to pay bills etc.