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Can a creditor put your auto in stolen status in attempts to repossess in the state of Oregon?


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2015-07-14 16:07:52
2015-07-14 16:07:52

NO, you cant steal your own car. You might ATTEMPT TO HINDER A SECURED CREDITOR.


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If a repossessor comes in with paperwork showing an order to repossess, you should be able to call the listed creditor and verify it.

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They won't repossess it for your license being suspended, but they can repossess it when you fail to make payments, regardless of what the current status of your license is.

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is it legal for a creditor to deny credit based on age or marital status

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Once the loan is in default the bank has the right to refuse payment and repossess the vehicle.

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NOPE. No state requires lenders to tewll you that you are in "repo status". The lender desire for you to make the payments will sometimes give you a clue.

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