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NO, you cant steal your own car. You might ATTEMPT TO HINDER A SECURED CREDITOR.

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Q: Can a creditor put your auto in stolen status in attempts to repossess in the state of Oregon?
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How do you find out if a car in your shop is in repossession status?

If a repossessor comes in with paperwork showing an order to repossess, you should be able to call the listed creditor and verify it.

Can a finance company repossess your car if your license is suspended?

They won't repossess it for your license being suspended, but they can repossess it when you fail to make payments, regardless of what the current status of your license is.

If you are in repossession status and are making efforts to pay on your late payments can they still repossess your vehicle?

Once the loan is in default the bank has the right to refuse payment and repossess the vehicle.

It is legal for a creditor to deny an applicant credit based on martial status or age?


What is the status of Winco foods in Redmond Oregon?

Not going to happen

Can a creditor place a lien on a financed vehicle?

In most states it is possible for the action depending on the exemption status of the vehicle and how it is titled.

If you live in Florida does a creditor have to notify you if your car is in repo status?

NOPE. No state requires lenders to tewll you that you are in "repo status". The lender desire for you to make the payments will sometimes give you a clue.

If someone filed bankruptcy back in 1999 and a creditor was not listed were they included in the bankruptcy?

No. And if you knew they were a creditor, you could be subject to fraud charges for having filed papers with the court swearing you were declaring your entire financial status and known creditors.

Do collection agencies have to have a written agreement between themselves and the original creditor?

No they don't, usually the OC hires or farm out their accounts that are in collection status to CA's.

If you are paying the hospital can they still turn you over to a collection agency?

If the payment amount and other terms that were agreed upon are being met, it would not be in the best interest of the creditor to place the account in collection status. However, if there is a significant arrearage or the terms of the agreement are not being honored, the creditor may take such action in order to change the account status for taxation issues and other purposes.

In North Carolina can you be sued for credit card debt if you become disabled and have lost everything you own?

Yes, the debtor can still be sued by the creditor regardless of his or her financial status. However, disability payments are protected by both federal and state laws and are exempt from creditor attachment.

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Susan Elizabeth Reese has written: 'The legal status of homemakers in Oregon' -- subject(s): Husband and wife, Legal status, laws, Married women

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