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Yes you can. Your mother would have to sign as the applicant, and you as the owner. Also the insurance company may want to know the reason for the policy and its purpose.

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Q: Can a daughter take out a life insurance policy on her mother?
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Can a mother take out a life insurance policy on her married daughter?

Only if her married daughter is under 18, then yes. Otherwise, the answer is no.

Equitable life insurance company Washington DC?

My Mother, Martha H. Bartlett, died on January 7, 2013. She had an Equitable Life Insurance Company policy. The policy no. is 530711031. Would you please let me know anything about this policy. I am her daughter, Carolyn Bartlett Burnett.

Can a Daughter get life insurance for her 95 year old mother?

No insurance company in the world will provide life coverage for your 95 year old mom. Since mortality rate at this age is beyond the purview of life insurance, she will not be entitled to get fresh life policy in her name.

If mother-in-law is beneficiary on single grownup grandson life insurance policy does the mother of the son have any rights?

Answering "If mother in law is beneficiary on single grownup son life insurance policy does the mother have any rights?"

Can mother and daughter switch urine for life insurance urinalysis?


Can my mother and I both have life insurance policies for me?

Yes, your mother can buy a life insurance policy on you because she has an insurable interest in you. And, you can buy a life insurance policy because everyone has an insurable interest in their own life. However, your mother may need your permission and your signature on the application for life insurance that she purchases with you as the insured person.

Do you get cash from your mother's life insurance policy when she dies or does your father get it all?

The named beneficiary on the life insurance policy gets it. It is a contract and specifies who gets paid, usually it will be the spouse.

What is the executor on a life insurance policy?

The Policy Holder of a life insurance policy is the executor of the said policy.

It is not important to have a life insurance policy.?

It is not important to have a life insurance policy.

How can you find out if your deceased mother had a life insurance policy?

My best friends mother passed away last August. She had spoke of a life insurance policy that she had taken on herself years before she passed away,however no one in the family knows how to locate it. What steps do the family need to take to find this insurance policy?

Life Insurance Policy?

form_title=Life Insurance Policy form_header=Protect your loved ones with a lifetime of financial security. Find a life insurance policy customized to fit your needs. What type of life insurance policy do you want to buy?= () Term Life Insurance () Permanent Life Insurance () Both () Not Sure How large of a life insurance policy do you want to buy?=_ Who will it cover?=_ Who would you list as beneficiary?=_

Can a Power of Attorney change the beneficiary of his mother's life insurance policy to himself?

Absolutely Not!

What policies are offered by General American Life Insurance?

There are many policies offered by General American Life Insurance. These include the Variable Life Insurance policy, the Condo Insurance policy and the Boat Insurance policy.

What is portable life insurance?

A life insurance policy is "portable" when upon leaving the group policy, you transfer your life coverage to an individual life policy with the same insurance carrier with no changes to the policy or increase in premium.

What is another word for whole life insurance?

You can call a whole life insurance policy as a "Non-Endowment Life Insurance Policy".

Is permanent life insurance the same as whole life insurance?

Technically, there is no insurance policy called as permanent life insurance. However, you can treat whole life insurance policy as permanent since the policy covered the whole life span of the policy holder and benefit is payable to nominee in the event of any eventuality of the policy holder.

There is no beneficiary on my mother's life insurance policy?

If no beneficiary is listed on a life insurance policy then the benefits are payable to the insured's estate. The beneficiary can be changed at any time prior to the death of the insured if this is the person's desire.

Can you own a life insurance policy on your married son and his wife?

Yes, parents and children have an insurable interest, so you can have a life insurance policy on your son and daughter-in-law. If they both happen to die prematurely and minor children will become your responsibility, then life insurance is not only justified, but needed.

What is ordinary life insurance?

Actually, whole life insurance policy other than endowment,single premia or ulip policy can be called ordinary life insurance policy.

Can a mother claim life insurance on her daughter that committed suicide?

As it happens, I used to work in the insurance industry so I am familiar with this question. Life insurance policies typically have a clause that invalidates a claim if the insured commits suicide within a year of the date when the policy was purchased, but if you have had that insurance policy for a year or longer, then it remains valid even in the event of suicide. The concept behind this is that insurance companies don't want suicidal people (or their relatives) to buy life insurance policies to make the suicide more profitable. But if you bought your policy in good faith,, and the insured only subsequently became suicidal, then that is a death which deserves to be covered by the policy.

How do you locate a life insurance policy?

how do you lacate a life insurance policy that was with southern life and health insurance company 30 years ago

What is an unmatured life insurance policy?

The life insurance policy has a maturing date that determines the time it takes for a policy to accumulate the amount of money essential for the policy. An unmatured life insurance policy is one that hasn't yet reached the end of its policy.

What insurance policy is exempt from the life insurance policy illustration guidelines?

variable life insurance exceeding 10,000 dollars.

Can the executor get the amount of the life insurance policy?

NO.. unless the policy does not have nomination. Only nominee will get the proceeds of life insurance policy.

How do you cash in a life insurance policy?

You call the life insurance company and get the present cash value out of the policy. The policy will then be divested.