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Yes, a dealer can sell a car to someone with an expired license. A dealer can sell a car to someone who doesn't have a license at all.

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Q: Can a dealer sell a car to someone in California with an expired drivers license?
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What can happen when you have full coverage on your car and lend your car to someone who has an expired drivers license and they get into an accident?

You can be sued, and your insurance company can deny the claim.

What happens when you hit someone backing up when that person has an expired drivers license?

If you're responsible for the accident, you're still responsible even if the other person hasn't got a driver's license.

Can you drive a car registered in NJ with a California license?

Yes. If you have a California Drivers License, it is legal for you to drive a car registered in New Jersey. If you own the car and live in one of those states, you have a limited amount of time to get the drivers license in the state where you live and to get the car licensed in the state where you live. If you live in California and are visiting someone in New Jersey, it is perfectly legal for you to use their car.

Is it illegal to loan a drivers license to someone else?

Yes. A license cannot be 'loaned' to someone else.

Can you put a lien on someone's drivers license?


If you have a persons Social security number and drivers license number can you find his drivers license number?

If you have someone's Driver's License number you no longer need to find his driver's license number. Try restating the question.

Can a person without a drivers license cosign for someone?


A basic drivers license is awarded to someone at least?


Does having a valid drivers license mean that someone is here legally?

No. A driving license is simply a license to drive. It does not indicate citizenship.

Can someone over 18 get their license without a permit?

no, you need the permit first to learn before you get a drivers license

Can a learner license holder drive with a baby in the car?

As long as someone who has a drivers license is also in the car at the same time.

If you rearend someone when the roads are wet who does not have a license or insurance who is at fault?

If you rearend someone, regardless of road conditions or the other drivers disposition on a drivers lic or insurance, you are still responsible. Not having a license or insurance is a civil matter, not involving insurance company.

In Illinois Can you get a ticket for driving someone else's car with an expired license plate sticker?

Oh, yeah, you sure can.

Where can you get your license?

Drivers License: at your nearest DMV Marriage License: to marry people you get that online, to marry someone else i believe you can do that in court or by a pastor

What are the penalties for letting someone use your info to get a drivers license?

50 dollar penalty and you have to reapply for license and take the test over.

What if your fifteen and you want to go to Canada how can you do that?

Get someone to take you, a friend with a drivers license maybe?

Who can be in the car with a driver with a learner's permit?

A parent or someone who already has a drivers license ONLY

Can you sign a truck title over to someone without drivers license in Texas?


When selling your car to someone do you need their drivers license?

That probably varies with state law.

What are class A drivers license?

A class A driver's license is considered a commercial driver's license. It qualifies someone to drive a tractor & trailer weighing up to 26,000 pounds.

Are learner drivers allowed to drive with passangers?

Yes but someone over the age of 18 with a drivers license must be sitting in the passenger seat.

What happens if you have no drivers license and run over someone?

In addition to any other charges, you will also be charged with 'Operating Without a License (OWL).

In California how long can a car be impounded for if you loan it to someone who does not have a license?


Can an 18 year old with a provisional license register a car in NJ?

A provisional license is for someone under 18. 18 or older you get a "basice drivers license".

If someone stole your drivers license can you still drive?

No, even if someone stole your diver's license, you cannot drive. There is no proof that you ever had your driver's license, so you cannot drive. You need to go and replace the drivers license as soon as possible. Driving without one could result in a ticket should you be stopped. In most states, you can order a new one online.