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As long as you are in default of something you agreed to in the contract, YES.

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Q: Can a dealership repo a vehicle immediately after the car note was paid in full?
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How long can they hold your vehicle after you pay the finance company the required amount to reinstate the vehicle?

If they have called in the note and you have not paid in full, they have the option of selling it or holding it for you. Once you've paid the full note and they mark it "paid in full" they are obligated to get both the vehicle and the title to you immediately.

Will auto insurance cover a disabled person for motorhome payments?

No. Auto Insurance provides coverage for accidental losses wheel operating your vehicle. To cover the finance note of a vehicle you would have to have purchased credit or finance note insurance offered to you by the dealership at the time of purchase.

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If the insurance does not pay the amount due on the vehicle what happens to the loan?

i am assuming the following: your vehicle totaled, you do not have GAP insurance and the value of your vehicle was less than your payoff...unfortunately you will still owe this balance, most lien holders will do what they call a 'transfer of collateral'' meaning they will finance (assuming you are in good standing) if you want. your replacement vehicle and put this balance on top of that note....immediately making you really upside down AGAIN ...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease get gap insurance on this one, talk to your lien holder about insurance pays the 'gap' between the value of the vehicle and the note balance..

What happens to a car loan when the owner dies?

AnswerThe exact laws and procedures vary from state to state, but the lender's lien on the vehicle will remain in full force and effect. If the payments aren't made, the lender can repossess the vehicle. It also depends on what the will says about the vehicle. It might be given to a relative, who would have to make the payments to keep the car. It might be sold to pay off debts, but the lender would get paid first. These are just some, but not all of the possibilities. In most cases, when a person has a loan on a car and the person dies, the note is "accelerated", meaning that it automatically becomes payable in full immediately even if there are months and even years remaining before it has to be paid. The promissory note will state this in its terms. The note will have to be paid by whichever beneficiary or beneficiaries receive the car by will or by intestate succession, or, if they do not want the car, it can be sold to someone else to pay off the loan.

Bought a car from the dealership and now they want me to go back and sign a promissory note they forgot to have me sign - should you do this - if theres not promissory note is the car free?

Likely, no the car is not free. You are in a position to bargain though. Your best bet it to contact a lawyer before you act. Either way, the vehicle probably does not belong to you and if not returned or if the note is not signed, it could be reported stolen.

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Does the person holding the note have to provide written notice that the vehicle is to be repossessed in Texas?

A written note

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Can the dealership charge you with auto theft if you are in default on your payments?

Not if you are on the title to the vehicle and own it. Whoever holds the loan on the vehicle can repossess the car however if you are late with payments. Contact the lender and work something out. You do not want your car repossess. Credit will be ruined for 7 years, and you will still have to pay the repo fees plus the difference in the balance on the note and what the car brings when they sell it.

Does repo man leave a note saying they took your vehicle?


Is it legal in California to ask full retail value for a salvaged title vehicle?

You can ask anything you want to for it. Whether you can get it is another matter. California law requires you to tell them it is a salvaged title vehicle. If you do not tell them you have committed fraud and are subject to fines and jail time.Note: a legal salvage title will indicate that the vehicle is salvaged!

Can your car get repo for no car insurance?

Yes, Almost every Auto finance note contains language that requires you to maintain "Full Coverage" Auto Insurance for the term of your finance note. It just part of the contract you agree and sign when you financed the car. This is to protect the finance company from a loss of the vehicle. Remember the finance company still owns the vehicle until you pay it off. Failure to comply with the insurance requirements of the finance note you signed constitutes a default on your loan subjecting the borrower and the vehicle to whatever remedies are at the finance companies disposal, including repossession. If you act quickly, Are not behind on your car payments, Get your full coverage insurance in place and pay the towing fees, Call the company and be nice with them and assure them that you understand your obligations with apologies for any oversight, Most finance companies will let you take the vehicle back and continue paying your note.

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Can a car dealership who in-house financed the car repossess it?

YES, if they have the folks, ect. to do it. A lot of note lots do so.