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Sounds like you are getting into the nitty-gritty of repo...check the codes below...


TITLE STATE: Yes SECURITY INTERESTS: Shown on title, title mailed to debtor, lien-holder record mailed to lien-holder. LICENSE REGISTRATION: The Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division, 1801 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. Tel:(602)255-7011. RECOVERY REQUIREMENT: As per UCC, repossession allowed without committing a breach of the peace. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR LIQUIDATION: Arizona Lien-holder record or out-of-state title, AZ MVD "Affidavit of Repossession/Bill of Sale" form and vehicle inspection if vehicle not previously registered in Arizona. PLATES: As of 01/01/02 - plates now belong to the registered owner of the vehicle. They remain with the debtor. ArizonaRevisedStatutes FormatDocument <a href=" ">azleg.state

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Q: Can a dealership repossess a vehicle in Arizona before the due date of the single payment of the remaining balance on a vehicle you are purchasing?
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If my garage door is open can they come in and repossess my car in Arizona?


Do you have to notify the police after you repossess a vehicle in Arizona?

I don't know about AZ law, but it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to do so. I USUALLY DO IT AS I'M PULLING OUT OF THE YARD.

How do you get a repossession license in AZ?

There is no licensing requirements to repossess cars in Arizona. The truck has to pass DPS inspection but that is it. So buy a truck and happy hunting.

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Is it legal to repossess a car at 7 A.M. in Arizona?

Yes, as long as the repossession agent did not commit a breach of peace as defined under the laws of the state or municipality in which the vehicle was recovered.

How many days you have to be behind before they can legally do a repossession in Arizona?

The limit is in the contract you signed. It likely says that when you are in default the lender can repossess. That means anytime you are behind at all... even one day, although most places wouldn't do that. They would rather get the payment rather than go to the trouble to repossess.

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