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to add to my above question... i cosigned for my boyfriend and then we found out that his employer was closing we took the vehicle back to the dalership and explained the situation... two days later we received a letter demanding either the van OR the money. we go to court in a few days and still have the letter and the proof that they had the van before the letter was even sent to us.

NOpe. cant have their cake and eat it too... they have the van so all they can do is sell the van, deduct the sales price from what you owed and sue you for the rest. BTW, when you get the summons to go to court, BE SURE you go and explain how broke you are to the judge. You wont get anymore chances to do so. Good Luck

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Is a dodge dealership the best place to get a dodge vehicle fixed?

A dodge dealership is a great place to get a dodge vehicle fixed, as they know the cars and trucks better than any other repair shop. You can be sure you are getting the right parts for your vehicle at a dealership.

Can I buy an automobile warranty someplace other than at a dealership?

Most insurance merchants will sell you a warrany for your vehicle. However, the dealership prefers you choose one with them as it's easier to combine the price of the vehicle plus warranty.

Can you exchange a car bought in a dealership but has not been paid off?

I don't know of any dealership that would allow that. On the other hand any dealership will accept a vehicle bought from them for trade in, but I have no doubt that you will lose money on the deal.

What kind of services does A L J offer them?

It offers vehicle distribution, dealership, spare parts availability, commercial equipment and other expanded vehicle services.

Where do you buy a Ford Mustang?

You buy a Ford Mustang, or any other Ford vehicle for that matter, at a Ford dealership.

Can I trade in my car if I am behind on payments?

You absolutely can trade in your vehicle even if you are behind on your payments. When you trade a vehicle in the dealership you are purchasing from pays off your previous loan in full, so being behind on your payments will not affect anything other than the total amount due on your car. Of course when the new dealership runs your credit report it will probably reflect that you are currently behind and will also show how many months you are behind.

What options are available for buying Toyota vehicles other than Herb Chambers?

In the Boston, Massachusetts area of the United States of America, a person can purchase a Toyota vehicle other ways besides through a Herb Chambers dealership. A person could purchase a Toyota vehicle through a private party and not through a dealership. A person could also go to a dealership that is not a part of the Herb Chambers family of dealerships.

What happens if a Florida car dealership cannot give you financing at the rate you signed for?

The same as if a Georgia dealership, or Michigan dealership, or Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, or a dealership from any other state cannot do so. Actually it is not a question of the dealership, it is a question of what the lender will do. The lender is the party that accepts the risk of loaning you money to purchas a vehicle. If they determine you are not an acceptable risk, then the dealership cannot sell you a car. The dealership has no liability to you.

Do you recommend having dealership replace fuel filter in 1998 dodge ram truck?

Dealership or any other competent mechanic.Dealership or any other competent mechanic.

Where can I go to get my Chevy impala brakes repaired?

You can take your vehicle to any Chevy dealership or any dealership because all of them repair brakes. Midas, CarX and Pep Boys are three other places that repairs brakes for your car.

Can one find a cheap Audi a3 at a Kia dealership?

It is no more likely than at any other dealership. It just depends on what they have on the lot, the price the dealer got it for, and what kind of shape the vehicle is in. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

How can you get the as built data for a 04 f150 other than the dealership?

if your asking when was the truck made it is stamped on the top of the gas tank. day of week and time of day

What are the chances that after trading in a vehicle for a new one you would have to give the new car back because financing fell through?

It's best to make sure you have financing before you buy a car. If you plan on getting financing from somewhere other then the dealership, and you have a set amount you can spend, you won't let yourself get into a car that you can't afford and you may be able to haggle the price with the dealership more.

How does a used car buyer know they are dealing with a reputable used car dealership?

Doing research about the dealer such as reviews and asking other customers that may have purchased from that Dealer about their experience.

How do i reset 1998 Pontiac grand am anti theft system?

To reset the anti theft system in any vehicle the owner must take the vehicle to a dealership. The owner must be able to prove the vehicle belongs to them in order to get a reset code. There is no other way to rest the anti theft system.

Can I get a car key replacement anywhere, or do I have to go to the dealership?

Some locksmiths can make you a new key if you provide proof of ownership of the vehicle (title, registration etc). This may or may not be less expensive than the dealership depending on if there is a chip in the key, or any other security features.

What kinds of car warranties are there?

There are several different types of warranties available for your vehicle. The most basic warranty you can get is from your dealership. This is not the manufacturer warranty. The dealership will cover for the contracted time, any inspections and repairs needed for your vehicle. Then there are other warranties like emissions warranty that cover any emission issues and then there is a warranty called the power train warranty that covers any mechanical issues like transmission issues. Your best bet is to discuss this with your dealership and see which option is most suitable for you.

How do you trade in your vehicle?

it depends on where you are located. try to search the net for local car dealership in your area. you just need bring the car,papers and all other legal documents for the car.

Where is Ford made?

Depends on what particular Ford vehicle you are asking about. They are made in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and many other countries around the world.

What does total payoff amount mean?

The total amount to pay to satisfy the terms of a loan. It would include the cost of the vehicle you purchased and possibly interest and other fees.

Where can one purchase a 4X4 Toyota Hilux vehicle?

You can purchase a 4X4 Toyota Hilux from your local Toyota dealership. Failing that, you can try local private sellers, other dealerships or sites such as AutoTrader.

If you cosigned for a vehicle will this hurt your chances of purchasing another one?

It depends on your debt to income ratio and the total amount finance of the other vehicle. If you can afford two cars, it should not be a problem.

Are the vehicle window tinting laws the same from state to state?

No, they are not. States (and other countries) differ in the amount of VLT (Visible Light Transmission) modification allowed by vehicle window tinting.

How do you take possession of a co owned vehicle?

A co-owned vehicle can be taken into possession by either owner at anytime they wish...If the co-owner has a key to the vehicle then they can legally get in and drive the vehicle...If the co-owner does not have a key then they must have a copy of the certificate of title,the registration or other proof of ownership and then the vehicle can be towed. Also if the vehicle was manufactured in the last 12 years and the co-owner does not have a key they can take the proof of ownership to a local dealership and request a copy of that vehicles original key,then go and take possession of the vehicle.

What is a dealership fee when buying a used car?

A dealership fee is usually known as a Documentary Fee or Doc Fee. It also depends on the dealership. We only charge a Doc Fee where other dealers may have other fees that they charge for and assign them a different name.