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Can a debt collector refuse a payment?

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It depends on the terms of the loan contract. * Yes. Once a contract is in default a collector or creditor does not have to accept anything less than the full amount owed.

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Can a debt collector refuse a payment if you offer to pay?

can a debt collector refuse payment after it is offered after being swiched from one company to another and not being 30 day notice

Should a debt collector give you a receipt each time you make a payment?

Yes. Otherwise you have no proof that any payment has been made to the debt.

Is it legal for a debt collector to refuse to respond to me and if so can they report my debt and lower my credit score if they won't disclose my debt information.?

No, a debt collector must legally tell you what kind of debt you owe and how much debt you owe. You can consult an attorney for more details.

Can a spouse refuse to answer a debt collector's questions?

Anyone can and should refuse to answer any question about anyone other than themselves, especially to a collector.

Can you make a payment plan with a debt collection agency for a medical bill in NY?

It is up to the debt collector. Some will, some won't.

How long can a debt collector collect a debt from a judgment if you have moved to South Carolina?

Moving has no affect on a debt. The creditor or his agent the collector may collect against a judgment for ten years from the date of judgment or the date of last payment, which ever is later.

Can a debt collector refuse certified mail?

Yes they can, but it could be grounds for summary judgment in your favor. Especially for dept verification.

What is the duration of The Debt Collector?

The duration of The Debt Collector is 1.82 hours.

Do I have to make a payment plan with a debt collector or can I just send in payments?

You can send in payments, it won't stop them from bothering you though, that is what the payment plan might be able to do for you.

Can I stop sending payments to a debt collector and send them to the original creditor instead?

The simple answer is yes. You are creating then more paperwork, more opportunities for the payment to get lost, and less of a guarantee that the debt collector will adjust your credit bureau information. It is best to just send payments to the collector.

When was The Debt Collector created?

The Debt Collector was created on 1999-06-25.

Can a debt collector legally come to my home or workplace?

Can a loan company come to your home to collect payment? Personal Loan...

You talked to a debt collector and promised to pay should you still pay?

Technically, ANY debt should be paid. If you owe it, then you owe it! If you need more time to get a payment to them, you can call and make arrangements. They will normally work with you. Once its with a debt collector, your already in wont get better by ignoring it

Can a debt collector demand payment verbaly?

Debt collectors are permitted to make verbal requests for payments and do so quite often by telephone usually in the middle of family dinner.

When was The Debt Collector - novel - created?

The Debt Collector - novel - was created in 2007.

Why can't you get a detail Billing statement from a collection agency?

You can, but not directly from them. The debt collector is the agent of the original creditor and does not likely have all records of the debt or contract. The collector, as the agent of the creditor can go back to the creditor and request a reconciliation of payments and history, and will in fact be required to so that it van be verified if you notify the collector in writing that the debt is invalid due to payment or some other reason.

If one collection agency buys your debt and charges interest and then sells it to another debt collector can that new debt collector collect on the old interest?

Yes. The new debt collector bought the entire debt, including interest that was added on. You will be responsible for the entire debt.

Is it legal to refuse cash as payment in America?

Depends. If the cash payment is the payment of debt, then the payment cannot be refused, as long as the money is still legal tender. Cents stop being legal tender after a certain amount, which is why you cannot try to pay a debt using 10,000 cents for example, this can be legally refused. If it's payment in a shop, a shop has the right to refuse service to anyone as long as it is not for a racial, age, gender related reason. They do not 'have' to accept any offer of payment, nor are they disallowed from accepting payment in other forms.

Can a debt collector demand payment for an amount that has been included in a chapter thirteen bankruptcy?

If bankruptcy is over and the debt was discharged, they creditor is forever barred from taking any action to collect the debt. If the bankruptcy is still pending, the debtor cannot contact you without permission from the bankruptcy court. In either case, you may have a claim for damages against the debt collector.

Can a debt collector call police to collect a debt?


Tips To Help One Negotiate With Debt Collectors?

Everyone has had or will have the misfortune of dealing with a debt collector during their lifetime. It happens to everyone whether it is due to simply a forgotten payment, a reduction in work hours or the loss of a job altogether, everyone is likely to deal with the debt cycle at some point. It is important that a consumer know their rights when faced with this situation. Each state may have its own laws mandating what a debt collector can or cannot do. First and foremost, letting the debt collector know that are one is aware of their rights will likely help keep the debt collector in line. Even if a person is behind in payments, they still have rights. There are a few things to try to maintain when dealing with a debt collector. First and foremost on this list is to never give out too much information. Debt collectors will make every attempt they possibly can to get a person to commit to an immediate payment. It is best to first get the payment agreement in writing before making any payment. Keeping one's cool and staying calm while speaking with a debt collector is next on the list. When a consumer becomes emotional or frustrated, they are likely to simply give in to the debt collector just to make them go away. Debt collectors are aware of this. Negotiate with debt collectors near the end of the month. Debt collectors primarily work on commission. Therefore, their performance during the month dictates how much they will get paid personally. The payment cycle usually is from the beginning of the month to the end of the month, therefore a consumer is likely to get a better payment arrangement or settlement near the end of the month. It is most important to maintain accurate records of any contact with a debt collector. If possible, recording phone calls creates an accurate and indisputable record of any conversation. Some states allow telephone calls to be secretly recorded while others require that the other party be notified of the recording. Keeping a written record of who called with the date and time recorded as well as a summary of the conversation is also important.

If neither the original creditor nor the debt collector has your Social Security number can the debt collector use some means find your number and attach it to the debt?

Yes. There are hundreds of databases available to a debt collector where they could find your SSN.

Who should the debtor pay when an account is sold by the original creditor to another lender or collector?

Yes, the debt still stands. It's how debt collectors stay in busniess. When the debt or account is sold, the debt isn't erased, merely transferred. In essence, the original lender has sold the whole contract. * The debtor makes any payment agreement with the collector not the original creditor.

What is the ISBN of The Debt Collector novel?

The ISBN of The Debt Collector - novel - is 978-1-59705-856-8.

Is a debt collector job a good career?

There is no special education, or sklls to be a debt collector. However, you would have to be of certain character to be an effective debt collector. You must not be too sensitive, and have good communication skills.