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No. To be able to repossess any of your property, they must hold a lien on it. If they have no lien on it, they have no right to repossess. Their only option is to take you to court.

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Q: Can a debt collector repo your car is they are not lienholder on title?
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If primary borrower gets behind in payments can you repo car?

If "you" are the lienholder then yes. If you're not the lienholder or their authorized agent (e.g. a repo man working for them), then no.

Can a repo agency contact your employer and slander your name?

yepAKA, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, nope.All a repo agency (or any other debt collector) can do is verify your employment and location. They CANNOT reveal ANY debt information (much less their intent to repo your vehicle) or even insinuate that you HAVE a debt. For more info on what a debt collector can and can't do, take a looksee at: If a repo agency DID slander you to your employer, please take the time to complain about them ... they have invaded your privacy and stomped on your rights!!

If a car was purchased in Louisiana and now it is in Texas what are the lien holders rights to repo the vehicle?

the lienholder can repo at anytime as long as there is NO breach of peace.

If the lienholder repos car due to default and you never missed a payment and continue paying off car is that no different than a regular repo?

When it gets to your CR, a repo is a repo is a repo. Theres only one.

What if your loan company wants to repo your car and you no longer have it?

Then you're still liable for the money you owe the lienholder.

After a car loan has been charged off as a bad debt can the repo man still recover it?

Yes, the repo man can still recover the vehicle. The term charge off only describes the status of your account with a financial institution. It doesn't resolve that actual lien that the financial institution has on the vehicle. In other words, your name is on the title but financial institution is the owner/lienholder of the vehicle until the balance on the account has been paid off.

Is it legal to take your car back from title loan company after repo?

You're talking about trying to repossess it from the repossessor? Short answer, no. You're committing theft - possibly grand theft, depending on the vehicle's value. But the repo agent coming to repossess your car isn't commiting theft. Double standard? No. The thing of it is, it is NOT your car - the lienholder is the sole rightful and legitimate owner of the vehicle. The repo man isn't taking your car away - he's reclaiming the lienholder's property after you failed to meet the terms of the finance arrangement.

When the tow truck driver backed into your backyard with out your consent was he trespassing to repo my car?

Nope. It's not your car - it's the lienholder's car. And the law permits the lienholder to recover their property when the conditions of the lien are not met.

Can a repo agent trespass on clearly marked private property in Tennessee to repo a vehicle?

Yes, if they are accompanied by a Sheriff and have the proper documentation stating that the lienholder would like the vehicle recovered.

How do you repossess a vehicle in Texas if you are an individual lienholder?

The same way a loan company does, HIRE a REAL repo agency to do the job.

If you live in Florida and your adult daughter has your car in Georgia and will not return it can you have it repossessed and where do you go find a reputable repo company?

Have you asked/demanded that she return it? Have you sent her a certified letter demanding the return? IS her name on the title? Lots of questions a reputable repo compnay will ask. email me @ wonk at 14ma dot com if you need more help IF the car is titled in YOUR name, you can just go get the car. IF you are the lienholder on the title, you can hire a repo compnay to pick it up.

Is it legal for a repo agent to lie about being a US Postal Service employee?

Section 807.1 of the Fair Debt Law states that no debt collector can state that they are vouched for, affiliated with the United States or any state including the use of a any badge, uniform, etc.

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