Can a demon be summoned into a human body?

Can A Demon Be Summoned Into A Human Body?

Yes, but it is not recommended. If you are thinking of doing that then you put yourself in danger of becoming possessed. Demons are fallen angels. The ones that possess humans and animals are a certain class of angels. All angels do not possess bodies. And if you did summon a 'demon' into a human body, which demon would you choose? There are literally an untold number of them, each one has a name of its own and has certain characteristics. Some of the names are so similar, if you think that you are calling on one, you may actually call another just by mispronouncing its name. So you see the danger? NOT RECOMMENDED!! And then you put yourself in the position of the original sin, which is to attempt to act as though you are the Creator and have the power over the free will of mankind. If you are thinking of doing that as revenge toward someone, then you certainly will reap what you sow. I find that praying for a person in that situation is highly effective. My own brother told me once to stop praying for him (and nobody knew what I prayed about). He said that every time I prayed for him, all hell broke loose for him. He had attempted to use black magic on me. When I realized what he was doing (because of repeated dreams that I was having) I started praying for him.
  • I believe that when a human being is born, demon already exist inside him or her because of the original sin of Eve. Demon exists only in the flesh and our ego and it is circumscribing our inner soul and preventing our link between God. That is why our flesh is always rebellious and it is often fighting with our soul and I believe it is also the reason why we are so separated from the presence of God.
  • Presence of Satan: This most definitely can be done, but you must understand that just by not living a life with God, demons are already present in a human body. What is portrayed in the movies and what is reality are two totally different things. Satan is present in the heart of those who chose to do evil.
  • There are things on this earth we will never understand. The Catholic priests have documented many exorcisms, but it's kept confidential. There have been a few programs on the subject and one or two cases have been allowed to be shown. It is hard to believe because the person that has been possessed by demons (one does not know for sure) appears to be staging this drama and in a hysterical state of mind. Unless one witness' levitation of that person or the bed that person is on or their head twirls around on their neck or their face totally changes into a demon like feature then I believe the true demons are in the person's mind. However, it's indeed possible and there are many things we humans don't know. If you or anyone else you know are trying to do so all I can say is .... be careful what you wish for! You will NOT be in control and you could be biting off more than you can chew! When you don't understand certain things it's best to leave well enough alone.
  • The Inner Demon: Many people believe in Demons that can put their souls into a human body to take over control, but I believe that we all have an inner demon and we can unleash it when ever we want, and we always have control of our body. (just very angry) some people can stay in their demon state forever.
  • Satan and Jesus: If you are a Christian, Satan cannot inhabit a body where Jesus already resides.
  • Summoning Demons: Would you really want to summon a demon for anything? I tried it once and opened myself up to all sorts of trouble.
  • Possession is also for Christians: If there is such a thing as demon possession, I do not believe that Christians would.. on particular the Catholics? The question that is being asked is about whether a demon can be summoned into a human body by someone else, if I read it correctly. It would be logical that if they existed that they could be summoned, so the answer would be in that case, yes.


One cannot summon a demon to take over ones body. However, if through your actions and thoughts, and sometimes weakness of will power, a demon can and will inhabit your body.They will do anything to possess a body as they do not possess one themselves.

Can you remember the story in scripture of the idiot who was possessed of demons. They were cast out by the power of the priesthood and went straight way and inhabited the bodies of pigs.