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The design will make it fly farther if it has long wing like a glider and it has the right amount of weight on it.

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Can a design on a paper airplane make it fly farther?

yes, by making its design and structure more aerodynamic will make it fly farther.

Can the design of a paper airplane make it fly farther?

Yes, the design of a paper airplane cane help it to fly farther. The more aerodynamic the design, the better the plane will fly.

Does adding weight to a paper airplane make it fly farther?

Just adding weight will not make a paper airplane fly farther. However, adding weight in exactly the right places can make it fly farther, by improving its balance and stability.

Can the design of a homemade paper airplane make it fly farther?

Yes, it can. Weight, number of folds, and wingspan are all factors in making a paper airplane fly farther. A long-distance paper airplane (glider) should have large wings, a small fuselage, and evenly distributed (but also light) weight. It should be held and thrown from the center of gravity.

Does the wingspan of a paper airplane affect how far it flies?

Yes. A wider winspan will make a paper airplane fly farther.

Will longer wings make a paper airplane fly farther?

yes, but the wings have to be stable, and in the right places (not crooked)

How far can a average paper plane fly?

that depends on the design, how well you make it and where you launch it from

What can you make with A4 paper glue scissors and pencils?

A nice, colored in and glued together paper airplane. Or a nice design or drawing.

What kind of paper should you use to make a paper airplane?

It's really doesn't matter. But you must have rectangular paper because I hadn't known a paper airplane design that use only square paper.

Can you iron a design on a shirt without transfer paper?

yes you can, but if you make it without transfer paper, you need a special iron-on transfer pencil. :)

How can you make a paper helicopter stay in the air longer?

To boost the amount time a paper helicopter stays in the air you need to increase the size of the helicopter you design. The better the design the longer the helicopter will stay in the air.

What does design template mean?

A design template is nothing but just like an outline on a paper . Inside a design template we can add our things.Design template is like a structures that guides you to do whatever you are planning to do but in an efficient manner .

Does microwaving softball make it go farther?

yea it does make it go farther

How do you make a paper doll?

Trace a shape onto a paper colour it in and design clothes! repeat the above but use 2 papers for a doll you can out your hands in

Is it better to add tape to a paper airplane to make it fly farther?

yes and no because the tape has a bad effect of wait but can make your plane stronger and more streline

How do i make the speed of a paper airplane go farther?

Reduce air resistance (force of drag) by reducing the front-facing surface area.

How you make newspaper?

First grab some pieces of paper and design it and make some articles about what YOU like. then staple it and there you go all done.

How does one make a sculpture out of chocolate birthday cake?

You can make a sculpture out of chocolate birthday cake, by doing a design on paper first, then you know what you have to and where you have to do it.

What type of paper airplane design flies the farthest?

Well, It depends on the density of the paper, the wings, the hull, the design, the aerodynamics, and the lift it creates. One easy one is just to make the basic paper airplane, and experiment from there. But here are three good designs: The dragon, The champ, and nick's plane.

How do you make a best-friends-club membership card?

Hi .. you could do it on computer ... or bring some paper and let the pther members design it .. and you design for them .. use colors and stikers ..

Does the design of a paper airplane affect its flight?

no.because the designs just make it look better so basicly it do not affect flight

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