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A divorced man who is not in a relationship with anyone else may join the Catholic Church. He may not marry until he receives a declaration of nullity(which means the marriage was invalid from the very beginning for some reason). If it is found by the tribunal that nullity has not been proven you may not marry as your marriage to the one you civilly divorced is valid. Marriage holds the presumption of the law. It must be proven otherwise. If you or the person you civilly divorced aren't baptized then you might be able to have the marriage dissolved by the Pope using the Petrine Privilege. Talk to your diocesan chancery for more details.

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Q: Can a divorced man join the Catholic Church and marry a Catholic woman?
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You want to marry a Catholic woman and you are divorced and non Catholic?

The Church will not marry a Catholic to someone who is divorced because it is a sin.

Can a non Catholic divorced woman marry a Catholic in a Catholic church?

Technically, the Church doesn't recognize marriages outside the Church, so the divorced woman would not be considered to be previously married. So the woman could marry the man in the Catholic Church. However, I would check with the local bishop.

Can a catholic man marry a divorced Methodist woman?

No. In the catholic church there are rules and in those rules it states, "Catholics cannot marry outside the catholic religion." Therefore, the catholic man can't marry a divorced Methodist woman. Also, if said catholic man were to marry said woman he would be banned from the catholic church. If you need to you should head to your catholic church and ask.

Does a divorced Baptist woman need an annulment to marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church?

No. An annulment in the Catholic Church only annuls a marriage performed in a Catholic Church.

How and why did Henry VII break from the catholic church?

Why - because he Catholic church refused to allow him to get divorced in order to marry another woman.

Can a divorced Catholic man who married in a non denominational church re-marry in a Catholic Church with a Catholic woman?

Did you mean non-denominational? No catholic can remarry in a catholic church after a divorce.

My son married a non Catholic in the Catholic church He is divorced and is now planning to get married to a Catholic Why won't the Catholic church marry them?

A divorced man/ woman cannot get married in the catholic church again. The sacrament of matrimony can be received only once in the Roman Catholic Church.

Can a catholic Mexican man marry a divorced American woman?

No, unless her marriage was annulled by the church

Can a Greek orthodox man marry a divorced Roman catholic woman?

I'm not sure about the Greek Orthodox's Church perspective, but the divorced Roman Catholic woman is still technically in the sacrament of marriage with the man, until it is nullified by the Catholic Church.

Can a divorced Catholic woman marry a man not a Catholic?

If she is divorced, she would need an annulment first, unless she was married outside the church. Then she can marry a non-catholic only if he was not married before and if he agrees to the oaths taken for catholic marriage.

Can a Catholic man and a non Catholic divorced woman marry in the Catholic church?

Not unless the non-catholic marriage is annulled by the catholic church or if the non catholic previous marriage was to a catholic in a non catholic ceremony.

Can a Catholic woman marry a non-Catholic man who is divorced in a luthern church.?

Such a marriage would not be valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Catholics may marry non-Catholics in the Catholic Church, but they are not permitted to go through a non-Catholic wedding ceremony.

Can a divorced Roman Catholic woman marry a Ukrainian Orthodox man?

Yes; assuming she has had a valid annulment through the Catholic Church.

Can a divorced Protestant become a Catholic nun?

A divorced Protestant woman can not take communion in the Catholic church. According to the Catholic church a divorced woman is committing adultery and can not become a nun.

Can a catholic man marry a non Catholic divorced woman who was married in a presbyterian church?

Roman Catholics believe you may because it wasn't a valid marriage, but she must be baptized if you want to marry her in a Roman Catholic Church.

Can a widowed catholic woman marry a divorced protestant?

Only if the divorced protestant was married previously to a Catholic in a civil ceremony. Otherwise, he would need the first marriage annuled by the catholic church.

Can a divorced Catholic woman marry outside the Church and still receive the sacraments?

No, she could not under the conditions you mentioned.

Can a divorced greek orthodox woman marry a catholic man in a catholic church if her first marriage was annulled by the greek church?

No, an Orthodox person cannot marry in a catholic church at all. The Orthodox church only allows this type of marriage (as an exception/by dispensation) to take place in an Orthodox church.

I am a divorced Man and I am a practicing Catholic and was never married in the Catholic Church. Can I marry a practicing Catholic Woman who is a widow in the Catholic Church.?

Answer: The Catholic widow is free to marry. You are also free to marry in the Catholic Church. This is because your first marriage was not a Catholic one and, according to Church law, it should have been. It will be simple matter of speaking to your local pastor and filling out a form to be sent to the diocese.

Can a civil ceremony Catholic divorced man marry a Catholic woman?

If the man was baptized Catholic, married in a civil ceremony and then divorced, yes, he can marry a Catholic woman in a Church ceremony in the presence of the priest or deacon with proper paper work completed. He could also marry again in a civil ceremony. You need to talk to a priest and apply for an annulment which is a ruling from the Church that no sacramental marriage is present from the civil marriage.

Can a Catholic woman marry a divorced Orthodox man in an Orthodox church?

No. Not unless the Orthodox man is able to obtain an annulment.

Is it at all possible for a divorced man who originally married in the Church of Scotland to marry a Catholic woman in the Catholic Church?

Under the rules of the Catholic Church the only way you can re-marry is if your first wife died or you would be so lucky to meet the Pope and have your marriage dissolved.

Can a widowed Catholic man marry a divorced Catholic woman and still receive the sacraments?

Roman Catholic AnswerIf the divorced Catholic woman is still married in the eyes of God, and the Church, then, no, she is not able to remarry and the widowed Catholic man would be excommunicating himself by attempting marriage with a woman who was already married. You need to speak to your priest about this.

Can a divorced Greek Orthodox man marry a Catholic woman in the Catholic church when his first marriage was annulled by the Greek church not the Catholic?

The answers is no, if he wasn't divorced,yes,because the catholic church recognises the orthodox church as valid since they were one church before.However if he is divorced he is not allowed in either catholic or orthodox. A Catholic can marry any non- Catholic, and it is recognized as a sacrament in the Catholic church. Only when the individual has been previously married there is an issue. In which case that individual must have their previous marriage annuled. The Catholic church permits Catholics to marry in the Orthodox church and it is a sacrament. I have spoken to Catholic priests and Catholic Bishops and they do not see a problem with a Greek annulment, as being an impediment. If that individual did not have their marriage previously annulled than it would be an issue.

Can a divorced Catholic man marry a Catholic woman in the Catholic Church?

no because the first marrage would still be considered valid!!!Roman Catholic AnswerYes, you could marry in a Catholic church if the first marriage were annulled (a statement by the Church that no valid marriage ever happened). You need to speak to a priest as soon as possible.