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Yes. For the time and materials needed to copy and/or transcribe the records and send them to the place requested.

2006-08-17 13:17:49
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Who impacts medical records?

The doctor is the person who is mainly in charge of writing the records. But, most importantly, YOU are in charge of your medical records, since you are the subject.

Is it legal for a medical group to charge to copy medical records to an insurance company?

In our state, a medical group may charge a reasonable fee of up to 75 cents per page for medical records.

Your doctor retired and you need your medical records transferred Is it legal for the previous medical group to charge to transfer records to your new doctor?

If the records are requested by your new Medical office, they should not charge you for them.. If you are picking them up.. normally they charge a fee and something like one dollar per page. If you can, have your new Doctor request the records. They should not charge for that.

How does a patient access his or her own medical records?

Submit a signed, written request to the doctor, hospital, etc. for your medical records. They are required to let you have copies of your medical records, but they may charge a fee.

Legal rights to your medical records?

You own your own medical records, but your medical provider is allowed (in some case, required) to keep them in file. Your medical provider is allowed to charge you for the cost of duplicating and reproducing them for you if you wish them.

Can your doctor release your medical records directly to you?

Yes, but they might charge you for copying them.

Can they charge .75 per page for medical records you live in NY state?

Yes, 75 cents is the allowable rate for medical records in New York state.

Is Pulmonary mass a preexisting condition?

Only if it has been previously documented in your Medical Records and you didn't know about it. You have a right to view your Medical Records in their entirety , but anyone can charge you for a copy for your personal records.Some places charge up to $1 per page.

Is it legal for hospitals to charge for medical records in US?

Yes, they can be classed as a cost for the copying itself.

Are criminal records public records in Alabama?

Criminal records are public records in Alabama, and you can go to the courthouse and ask to see them. Circuit and District Court records are also online, but there is a charge to search them online. Some local courts have their records online. Links to the available official online record search websites may be found at the first related link below. Contact information for all Alabama trial courts may be found (by county) at the second related link.

Is it legal for a medical group to charge you for your own records?

Yes. Copying costs are considered allowable charges.

Is it legal to charge for medical records in New York?

A health care provider can charge up to 75 cents per page for medical records in New York state. Whether that's called a search fee, copy fee, or administrative fee, that's the allowable leve.

Can a doctor charge a medicare patient a fee for medical records?

A doctor does not charge for patient records, but they can charge a nominal fee for copying it to give to you. Each jurisdiction governs how much the doctor can charge for this, but it is usually pretty small. Many doctors will waive this fee if the patient asks for it, though they don't have to.

What steps do you need to take to obtain your medical records?

Usually you can send a signed, written request to your doctor requesting your medical records. You can also go in person to get them, at which time they will have you sign a medical release form (even though they're your own medical records). But many medical facilities charge a fee for this, which can vary depending on how large your medical file is. There are some doctors and medical facilities that are, for what ever reason, reluctant to give a person copies of their medical records. However, you do have a legal right to them, even if the doctor doesn't want to give them to you. If you have a problem getting your records, don't give up - just inform them you know the law regarding your rights, and you will persist until you get your records. They will then usually give in to your request, and give you the records.

How can a patient legally get copies of their medical and legal records from several Doctors and Lawyers without paying enormous fees some times from .25 to 1.00 per page?

You can try to negotiate with the doctor/attorney for a reduced copying rate, but the law allows for them to charge for the administrative costs of supplying you with your files. After all, they may be YOUR records, but it is THEIR office staff, and their copying supplies, that are being used.

What can doctors do with patients that won't pay their bill but want their medical records?

In my state (NY), a physician must provide the medical records within 10 business days regardless of whether the patient has paid the bill. The physician may charge up to 75 cents per page for those records.

Who is in charge of shady interscope records?

marshall mathers also known as eminem is in charge of the records.

How can you acquire medical records?

One always has a right to one's own medical records. However, the health care provider generally has a right to impose a reasonable charge for assembling and copying the records. Acquisition of any other person's records requires that person's written authorization for their release. Typically, the health care provider will have a standard form to be signed for that purpose.

Public Records in Alabama?

Public records, sometimes called public inquiries, are records that are available through official government agencies (local, state, or federal) to individuals in the general public. These records can include voter registration information, vital records, immigration records, and criminal records. While some court documents are available through a public inquiry, sealed documents are not accessible. In Alabama, requesting public records is governed by the Alabama Public Records Law. The Alabama Public Records Law affords for any citizen to request records from government agencies in Alabama. Also, a purpose is not required to be given for requesting records under the Alabama Public Records Law. While some public records are free to obtain, most usually require a nominal fee for processing. Most records can be obtained either in person at the specific agency or through the postal system. Also, there is usually not a charge for attorneys representing individuals in a court case to examine public records. In Alabama, records pertaining to security issues are generally unobtainable, as are records concerning individuals’ usage of public libraries. This is to protect the privacy and security of government agencies, as well as private individuals accessing information through government provided material. If searching for local records in Alabama, individuals can typically contact their local county clerk or probate office. These offices hold records such as marriage and divorce records, as well as criminal records and vital statistics data. For state records, individuals can contact need to contact the state courthouse in Montgomery, Alabama and seek the correct department for their specific records request. The amount of time it takes to receive the requested records depends on the work load of the specific department and the actual records requested. Alabama also does not limit the private usage of public records. Any individual, under the Alabama Public Records Law, has the right to request and receive a copy of any written state record and once they have obtained it, they are not limited to what they can do with that record. Public records are a necessity in our ever expanding society. They allow us to keep track of official government business, as well as verify facts about individuals and their histories. It is important to use public records wisely and to never abuse them or treat them lightly. Public records in Alabama, as well as around the country, are a vital resource that need to be respected and used in a fair and just manner.

Buena vista care center do not want to give your wife medical records what will you do?

The patient owns their own medical records. The facility that maintains them DOES have the authority to charge her a reasonable fee for copying them. Under HIPAA laws they can deliver them only to the patient directly (NOT a family member) or send them directly to her new medical provider.

How do you obtain medical records?

The Data Protection Act states that you only have the right to view your own medical files, but not those of someone else. To obtain your own medical records, go to your GP's office and ask. They'll usually charge a fee ($30-$60) for the request and will mail it to you within 4-6 months.

Can a physician charge you for a copy of your medical records or charge you if even if you have not paid your bill?

A physician cannot charge you to take your records from the office. Those are YOUR property and you should have them as soon as you request them. Having not paid your bill is a sort of gray area, as they are still yours, but they are a part of the service for which you are being charged, and have not paid for. Has your physician denied you your records? If so I would be even more likely to take them and find another physician. A physician who is keeping your records may be hiding something that you would find disagreeable. If the physician will not give them to you the best idea would be to consult a medical mal-practice lawyer.

Can your old Doctor charge you to transfer your medical records to your new Doctor?

Sometimes, but you have to be to another company. Unless it is the same company, than it should be free.

Who is in charge of the state financial records of the state?

Usually he/she is called the treasurer. Secretary of State is in charge for the public records of the state

Who is in charge of the public records of the state?

Secretary of State You can obtain public records from the custodian of records.