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The hymen cannot be 'broken', although it can be torn if you've been penetrated with force or roughly - also it can be torn while a woman gives birth. A doctor can determine if your hymen is in tact or torn simply by looking at it, you can also see this for yourself.

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2015-03-08 23:45:38
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Yes, a doctor can see if a hymen is intact or broken. HOWEVER, did you know most 100% virgins do not have an intact hymen? The hymen can tear from other causes--not just from intercourse.

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Q: Can a doctor determine if your hymen is broken?
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Can doctors tell if you have broken your hymen?

Yea, you can even check yourself to see if its broken, without a doctor.

Can a doctor tell if your hymen is broken?

Yes, but it is not relevant to sexual intercourse. 30% of women break their hymen during everyday activity.

If the hymen is broken can it rebuild itself?

No. Once the hymen has broken, it's broken for good.

Does a broken hymen be unbroken again?

No. A broken hymen does not grow back.

Could a women still get pregnant if hymen is broken?

Basically, a woman can only get pregnant after the hymen is broken.

The difference in shape between the virigin hymen and the unvirgin hymen?

There is no such thing as an unvirgin hymen the hymen is broken during intercourse.

Can you break your hymen with out bleeding?

Not everyone bleeds when their hymen gets broken.

Can one see their hymen after it is broken?

The hymen is not broken, it is torn and can be torn multiple times over a womans lifetime. You can see if it has been torn simply by looking at the hymen in a mirror.

What do you do after your hymen is broken?

Once its broken, its broken. Let the remnants heal. There is nothing you can do about it.

Should you go to a doctor if the hymen brakes?

no, its normal for your hymen to brake

Can you see if your hymen is broken?

Firstly, your hymen cannot be 'broken' - it can wear away, stretch, or if vaginal penetration is rough or forced it can tear the hymen. Yes, you can see if it is in tact or not simply by looking.

How deep a hymen place inside the female sex organ?

The hymen is on the outside of the vagina, covering it. It is tissue thin, and is usually broken or partially broken by the time a female reaches puberty. If it is not at least partially broken by the time a female begins her menstrual cycle, a doctor should be able to break it. This is rare though, as common day activitys , such as running, horseback riding or yoga can break the hymen. It has almost no nerve endings so it does not usually hurt. Bleeding typically only occurs if the thick middle is broken, or if the hymen is broken in a particularly violent manner.

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