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yes. they will do a cervical exam.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-06 23:52:53
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Q: Can a doctor tell if you break your own water?
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How do you break your water during pregnancy?

You can't just brake your water on your own. It either happens on its own, or the doctor does it for you.

How do you break your water at home to induce labor?

You should never attempt to break your own water. If your water doesn't break on it's own during strong contractions, your doctor or nurse is the only one who would determine during labor, to break your water at the hospital.

How can you break your water at 38 weeks?

You should NEVER attempt to break your own water. If the baby does not have its head VERY FIRMLY agains your cervix the umbilical cord coud fall through your cervix and your baby will die! Only a doctor or midwife can tell if the head is against your cervix enough to break your water.

Can you break your own water?


Is it possible to break your own water?


Can an empty pool break down on its own?

yes. It will cry for water.

If your break your own water bag what happens?

you must not break your water for it can lead to an infection for you and the baby. let nature take its course plain and simple.

Can a doctor tell if someone is sexually active?

Doctor can tell by investigating a person mentally only if the patient co-operates and gives own answers. A Psychologist can do this job very finely.

Does the police have the right to tell you what to do on your own property?

The police have the duty to enforce the laws. If a particular law specifies what you may or may not do on your own property, then yes, the police have the right to tell you not to break that law, and arrest you if you do so.

What if you break into your own car?

You can break into your own car, but unlocking it is easier... In my opinion

How can you break your amniotic sac?

Unless a doctor answers your question here, you must ask your own physician. This is a very serious matter you are questioning. -Mame-

How do you know wen testicular cancer is spreading?

When your doctor tells cant tell on your own unless you can see internaly on yourself

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