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They are not supposed to but they can get one of their peers to write a prescription for them assuming it is for a legitimate need. In most cases it seems that as long it is simply an antibiotic, no one questions things like that. My wife is a doctor and had to call in an emergency Asthma prescription for me (mine ran out and seem to think my doc was on vacation. He wasn't of any help anyway). She did get in trouble for it. It was a steroid inhaler. It was basically a slap on the wrist and don't do it again but I would imagine it does happen for the wrong reasons as well. Hope that helps.


I WOULD think that each state has it's own policy. HOWEVER, I would bet that in every state, a doctor can not prescribe himself CONTROLLED DRUGS,anything that's a class II narcotic or the like. <<>>

AnswerNo they shouldn't and they have to see another doctor (not related to them) when the drug requires a prescription and it doesn't matter in what State or Province one is in. There is a Code of Ethics. It's been known for a long time (back in even the 1950s) that when some doctors drank too much they would give them themselves a vitamin B shot to sober up. A study showed that many doctors (also the wife/husband) of the doctor can often self medicate themselves and some are addicted on their own drugs.
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It depends on the prescription - most doctor's won't because they recognize that a second opinion is valuable.Legally, so long as the prescription is not for a controlled substance, a doctor can write a prescription for him- or herself, and for members of his or her family and/or friends. A doctor cannot write any prescriptions for any controlled substances for a member of the family or for friends.

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