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Stock? No, for many reasons - not limited to: tires will not handle that speed, electronic governer will not allow the car to get much beyond 130, stock transmission/rear end will likely not be able to get there safely (may be able to get there, but probably wouldn't survive long). With some modifications? Absolutely - but it will be expensive. -snip- The above isn't entirely accurate... A: the tires on my SRT-8 Charger will go 200mph, Stock they are Goodyear F1 Supercar tires. B: The electronic governer stoped my car at 180 but with a quick edit with the DiabloSport tuner that is fixed. C: The stock trans and rear end are from a MB E class and can easly handle 1000 + HP.. They are bullet proof. D: The Mods I have done have cost me about $1000.00 and I now have about 475HP at the wheels and can swiftly get to 200+ mph

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What was the first American car to go 200 mph?

1968' Dodge Charger Daytona

How fast does a 08 dodge charger go?

the dodge charger goes 140 MPH the 08 dodge charger goes 140 MPH

How fast does a dodge charger srt8 go?

about 175 MPH.

Can a dodge charger srt8 modified go 200mph?

A modified 6.1 hemi should easily hit 200 MPH, a stock 6.1 hemi couldn't do it. 2. Stock SRT8 governed to 180 mph

How fast does a 69 dodge charger go?


How fast does a 08 3.5l dodge charger go?

If the 2008 3.5 Charger has the same computer setting as the 2006 model, it will govern at 115 mph.

Can you fit 26 inch rims on a dodge charger?

how can 26 inches go on a dodge charger

How fast can a charger go?

135 mph

How fast can a 2011 dodge charger go?

That all depends on what engine is in the charger.

How much mph does a Lamborghini go?

200 MPH!

What is faster a charger or a mustang?

a 1970 ford mustang with the stock engine goes 180 mph but the 1970 dodge charger goes 130-150 so the mustang ========================================================= You mean when I was going 140 mph in my 1971 Mustang fastback I still had another 40 mph to go ? I did not know that , I guess I should have put my foot in to it more =)

How fast can a Dodge Charger go?

Depends on what year it is

What is the cost of a 1970 dodge charger?

Go to

Can a 440 go into a 75 dodge charger?


How fast does the 1970 dodge charger go?

fast enough to get a ticket, it all depended on the engine in it and gearing. But they usually range from 130 mph to 150 depending on the engine you use.

How much does a 1970 dodge charger cost?

Go to

How fast does a 2006 Dodge Charger go?

Depends on what engine it has...

How fast can fossa go?

200 mph.

How fast can a viper go?

The Dodge Viper can go 150-205 mph. The fastest Dodge Vipers are the Doodge Viper ACR and the Dodge Viper Hennesy Venom which can go from 205 mph (acr) to 220 (Venom).

How fast do Ferraris go in mph?

Some Ferraris can top 200 mph

How many miles per hour does a dodge charger go?


How fast does a 2012 dodge charger go?

All depends on what engine is in it.

How fast does the 2002 dodge viper go?

it can go 2 mph

How fast can hurricanes go?

About 200 mph maximum.

How fast will a yz250f go?

around 200 mph