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depends on the dog

Answer:No. If a dog breaks a permanent (adult) tooth, it will not regrow.
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Q: Can a dogs break teeth regrow again?
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Is a dogs teeth stronger then peoples teeth?

well, a German Shepard's teeth have been known to break a wrist within five seconds. So, i would say yes, a dogs teeth are stronger than peoples teeth.

How sharp can dogs teeth get?

quite sharp as they can break things like bones and stuff.

What does the canine do?

Well canine dogs are just what dogs are called and canine teeth help break down food, i think

Why dogs have such big teeth?

Dogs have big teeth called caninesbecause they are descendants of wolves, who used them to break down bones or tough meat. Dogs today use their sharp teeth to chew the hard dog food more easily. Hope this helped(:

Do dogs lose teeth?

Yes, dogs can loose their teeth.

Do dogs lose their teeth?

yes dogs do lose teeth but they only lose their milk teeth.

How many teeth do adult dogs have?

Adult dogs have 42 teeth.

Do dogs have the same teeth as your carnivores?

As dogs are carnivores they have a carnivores teeth

Are dogs teeth stronger than cats teeth?

Dogs Have Stronger Teeth Than Cats And Have More Teeth Than Cats. Cats Have Sharper Teeth. But Wild Dogs Such As The African Wild Dog Has More Teeth And Stronger Teeth Than Domestic Dogs. Also Sharper Than Both Domestic Dogs And Cats.

What to do when your dogs teeth are infected and falling out?

what to do when your dogs teeth are falling out and look infected?

When do dogs get all their puppy teeth?

dogs do not get their puppy teeth at all, dogs are born with their teeth. however, at around 4 months old the puppies will loose their baby teeth and grow their adult teeth.

Why do dogs have both sharp and flat teeth?

Dogs use sharp teeth for tearing and the slat teeth for shearing.

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