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No, a dormant volcano will not erupt again.


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The three main classifications of volcanoes are active, dormant and extinct. A dormant volcano is a type of active volcano that is not erupting, but has the ability to erupt again.

A volcano with the current potential to erupt is an active volcano.One that has not erupted, and may not erupt again, is dormant.One that could not, or should not ever erupt again, is extinct.

Dormanthas not erupted YET! its is still asleep.Extinctit is not ever going to erupt again, but it is! so it is NOT extinct

As it is regarded as an extinct volcano, it is unlikely that it will erupt again.

They term this an extinct volcano if there is no longer a supply of magma to the chamber underlying the volcano or dormant if there is (as there is therefore still a chance of a future eruption).

you can get active, dormant (or sleeping) and inactive volcanoes. an active volcano is one that is very likely to erupt in the future and still has magma in it. a dormant (or sleeping) volcano is one that has not erupted for the past thousand-or-so years, but can still erupt an inactive volcano is highly unlikely to ever erupt again. every volcano will eventually become inactive. at one time, there were volcano in the UK, but they have all died out now (or become inactive) !!

A volcano is called a volcano whether it is erupting or not.It is called an active volcano if it is erupting or has erupted recently.It is a dormant volcano if it hasn't erupted in a long time.Extinct volcanoes are not expected to ever erupt again.

Mount Pelee will not ever erupt again because the volcano is dead, there is nothing left in it for it to erupt.

How long it takes for a volcano to erupt depends on the volcano and its status. Active volcanoes normally erupt every 10,000 years or less. Dormant or extinct volcanoes rarely, if ever erupt.

The volcano is said to be dormant. Mount Fiji is classed by some scientists as dormant or inactive. Its last eruption was in 1707, but some scientists still class it as active. So, you can't ever say never again, were volcanoes are concerned.

A dormant volcano can stay dormant for ever.

The Global Volcanism Program describes an active volcano as one that has erupted since the last ice age (i.e in the past 10,000 years).A dormant volcano would be one that hasn't erupted in the past 10,000 years, but which is expected to erupt again.An extinct volcanoes would be one that is not expected to ever erupt again

yes mount surtsey can erupt again, according to scientists this volcano will erupt again in the future , scientists predict 98% this eruption will be allot worse creating lots of Disasters with weather .

An extinct volcano is a volcano which has not erupted for so long a time that it is generally accepted that it will not erupt ever again. So, although they almost never do, and the answer you're looking for is no, it is possibly (though reallyunlikely) that an extinct volcano may erupt.

It is expected to erupt again in 2050

Yes. If it had never erupted then it would not be a volcano.

It Is Dormant Right Now, That is like you and me sleeping so She Will Wake Sooner Or Latter. Just Hope Its Not When You And Me Are Alive!

No it won't. It's a monogenetic volcano. The vent was destroyed so it's now considered "extinct".

What is the definition for volcano and magma

Olympus Mons is extinct, so it will not erupt ever again

No, it has remained dormant since 1783.

372 metres was the highest ever recorded.

This requires a judgment call by the vulcanologists. Some volcanoes are truly extinct, and will likely never erupt again - Crater Lake in Oregon is a good example. Some volcanoes are dormant, and quiet for the time being. They may never erupt again, or may someday down the road come roaring back to life. I believe Mt. Fuji in Japan is currently dormant, but I might be wrong on that one. Some volcanoes, even if currently quiet, are considered active, and are monitored constantly, such as Mount St. Helens, Vesuvius and Mt. Etna. Telling which is which is the life's work of vulcanologists.

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