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== == Yes, because they cheep before they hatch so their mum can tell when they are about to hatch.

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WHAT!!! That was an false answer but the answer is still yes and its mom not mum,what is this england!

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Q: Can a duck tell if their egg is going to hatch or not?
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How can you tell if an egg is dead or alive and how do you know when it is about to hatch?

if the egg is cold the egg is dead and you will hear peeping when it is going to hatch

How do you tell if a bird egg is going to hatch?

By the sound

How many days does a duck egg needs to hatch?

A duck egg can take from 26 to 35 days to hatch. Mallards take 26.5 days to hatch on average.

How long does it take a duck egg to hatch under a lamp?

For a duck egg to hatch with incubation it take approximatly 25-28 days. If the temperture is higher it will hatch faster.

Can you hatch a duck egg with a incubator?


How do you hatch a duck egg with lamp?


Does a chicken egg or duck egg hatch first?

eggsof course the chicken egg.because chickensit on its egg more than a duck. mohamed basithChicken eggs take 21 days to hatch, Duck eggs take about 28 days to hatch.

You found a duck egg and am trying to hatch it but it really stinks?

Your duck egg is dead. Throw it away.

What happens after duck eggs hatch in the wild?

duh the egg becomes a duck

Can a duck hatch a chicken egg?

Most likely since an egg only needs to be kept warm to be hatched. So, if the duck was to sit on the egg and kept it warm enough, it should hatch.

How do you hatch a duck egg?

try a heat pad

Can a duck egg hatch if a human touches it?


What to do when a duck lays an egg?

Don't touch the egg if you want it hatch. If you want to eat it carfully pick up the duck and take the egg.

Can a duck hatch an unfertilized chicken egg?

No. The egg is unfertilized, so it will never, ever hatch, under any circumstances.

When there's a duck egg when does it hatch?

A fertile, viable duck egg typically hatches 28 days after incubation is begun.

How many days until you can tell if a chicken egg is going to hatch?

You should be able to tell if the egg is fertalized after two days by going into a dark room and holding a torch at the bottom of the egg (see if you can spot a chick). Doesn't mean it's going to hatch though, can't tell that until it actually pops out

How do you hatch Indian runner cross apple yard duck?

by incubator or with a broody hen, hatch them the same way you would hatch Any other duck egg

What will hatch if a duck sits on a chicken's egg?

A duckchick? lol

What temperature does an aylesbury duck egg have to be to hatch?


When should a duck egg move?

it should move when its about to hatch

Can a peeking duck egg hatch without a male peeking duck?

No. If the female attempted to hatch eggs without a male, the eggs won't be fertile, and the egg will just go rotten.

How long dose it take for a duck egg to hach?

to hatch a duck it takes 3 weeks

How long does it take to hatch a duck egg?

around 28 days

How long does it takes for a duck egg to hatch?

26 to 28 days

How long does it take for a Cayuga duck egg to hatch?

28 days