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Can a employer fire you for taking Adderall?

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Answer: Not if you have a prescription. But if its not, then you bet. You also better hope he doesnt tell the feds.

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Can 30mg of Adderall kill you?

No, but be careful taking adderall if you have heart problems. adderall causes rapid heartrate, as amphetamines do. Adderall is a composition of 4 amphetamine salts.

Can you take prevacid while taking Adderall?

Yes, it increases the effect of the methanphetamine in the adderall

Why don't you feel anything after taking 100mg of Adderall?

Adderall is not a hallucinogenic drug, so not feeling anything after taking it once is quite normal.

Can an employer fire you for a felony they knew you had when hired?

can an employer fire you for a felony they knew you had when they hired you?

Can an employer fire you even with doctors excuses?

Can an employer fire you even with doctors excuses?

Can an employer fire or threaten to fire for doing your job?

If you were doing your job there would be no reason for your employer to threaten to fire you.

Can males develop breast when taking adderall?


Is taking Adderall and a nicotine patch safe?


Can i take Tylenol cold when taking adderall for a cold?

AnswerI don't think you're taking Adderall for a cold, at least I hope not! Tylenol should not have any interactions with Adderall when taken as indicated.It is recommended that you do not take adderall while you are using cold medicine. Both adderall and cold medicine are known for raising your blood pressure, so if you are taking both it would be a good idea to monitor your BP.

Will Adderall show up on a hair test?

will taking 15mg of adderall once she up on a hair test

Will meth show up as adderall in drug test?

Adderall is of the amphatamine family and if being tested for drugs and are taking adderall you will test positive for amphatamines.

Can you have withdraw symptoms when you stop taking adderall?


If you took hydrocodone while taking Adderall will the hydrocodone show up separate from the Adderall?

Yes, the hydrocodone will appear as an opiate and the adderall will appear in the test as an amphetamine.

Will taking adderall affect getting a job?

Adderall will cause one to test positive for amphetamines in a drug screen.

You take Adderall and you have a cold--what can you take for the cold?

Contact your doctor for advice on what to take while taking Adderall.

Does taking adderall make the depo pevera ineffective?

no, adderall has zero effects on hormones, and does not interact with depo provera.

Get a bad drug test taking Adderall and Claritin?

adderall is amphetamine showing up in drug test as meth

Bad drug test from taking adderall and Claritin-d?

yes adderall will show up as meth!!

Can my employer fire me while I am on vacation?

An employer should not be able to fire a person on vacation if they gave notice and their vacation was approved. However, if the vacation was not approved, the employer may be able to fire the person.

Is it safe to take adderall when you are taking Xnax?

You really shouldn't be on a prescription for Adderall and Xanax at the same time. It's possible that Adderall could potentiate the effects of the xanax. That means that if you mix them, you normal dose of Xanax could knock you out. It also depends on if you are taking Adderall because you have been diagnosed with ADD. The effects of Adderall are different for people who do not have ADD.

Can your employer fire you when you get a subpoena?


Would smoking adderall mixed with marijuana cause serious injury?

I Don't Think The Marijuana Will. On The Other hand, Smoking Adderall Will Cause Serious Injury Due To The Fact That Adderall Has Binders And Fillers With The Amphetamine. Smoking Those Will Basically "Rape Your Lungs" So Just Stick To Orally Taking The Adderall. If You Want A Little Bit Of A Better Buzz From Adderall. Try Taking Tums With Your Adderall.

How do you prove your employer hires only women so that he can fire them?

Have the employer write a letter stating that they only hire women so that they can fire them. Then have the employer get it notarized.

How many hours does adderall last. adderall tabs?

taking 20mg of adderall will last you four to six hours if you are taking the capsules. dumping the pill strait onto your tongue makes it work faster, but not as long. hope this helped a little...

Can an employer fire employee for filing bankruptcy?

Absolutely not it has nothing to do with the employer