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Yes, a father can give up his parental rights but he still have to pay child support.

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Q: Can a father give up his physical rights but not his financial rights?
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Your child's father wants to give up his paternal rights and to you what documents do you need?

i would like to know what papers do i need to have the father of my child sign to give up all his rights to my child financial and emotional and physical rights

How do you make sure that your sons father dose not get custody if you die?

Convince him to give up parental rights and you give up any financial claim for child support.

How do i termite father's rights to my kids?

in the state of Georgia can unwed father give up there rights

Can a father give up his rights to a child in Missouri?

Yes, a father can give up his rights to a child in Missouri. A judge would have to be present when the rights are signed away.

Does a child have to know biological father for him to give up parental rights?

No. There is no requirement for the child to have to "know" the father for him to give up his parental rights.

If you are ordered by the court to give up custody and you give it to the father have you also given up your maternal rights?

No. You were not ordered to give of your custody rights, just primary residency was transferred to the father. You still have your parental rights, the same as a father, and responsibility to pay child support, whether the father wants it or not.

What is the meaning of Financial Position?

it is the financial position when your father get away from you and your mom and then when your father got away he was able to give some money to you to have a beautiful life

Can a non custodial father give up his rights in fl?

As he is a non custodial father he has no need to give up his rights at all. see relate question below

Can a father give up rights to a child to avoid paying child support in Texas?

NO, giving up parental rights doesnt absolve one from financial responsibilty of a child you bore, unless the other person agrees.

Do you have to pay support if you give up your rights as a father?

no. because you are no longer the legal father.

Is there a legal form on the internet a biological father can sign to give up his rights to the mother of the child?

In the state of Illinois, a biological father cannot give up his rights to the mother, but he can sign over his rights to another male. For example, a step father

If a woman is married and pregnant by another man what rights does the father have?

Rights of a father. If he wants to see the child, or give an alimony etc...

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