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Can a father take their child away from its teen mother?


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If not married the custody belong to the mother automatically and the father have to go to court to get visitation rights or custody.

If the mother can not take care fo the child and neglects it, the father can alsoi get custody.

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The only way a mother can take a child away from the custodial father for a few months is if the custodial father approves of it in writing, and the Court approves it if the child is taken out of the State. Without approval from the father, the child can only be taken if: 1. The mother has Sole legal custody of the child. 2. There are no orders that the father be allowed any visitation.

A father can take his child with him if he can prove that the mother is unstable or unfit to care for the child. Also, the mother can give him her permission to take the child.

Unless the mother of the child is provably unfit for the role it would be very difficult for you to take your grandchild away from its mother

This depends on the moral situation, and the divorce settlement (if applicable).

Only in cases of illegitimate births. Well, the mother can take the child but she can't stop the child from seeing the father. the child deserves to see the father in their life. The father can also take the child back and the parents can share time with the child. Or the child can make his/her own decision to live with the mother or father.

Yes, if the mother does not want the child and the father is willing to take the child. Then the mother may sign her rights over to the father if the father is able to take of the child. Signing over one's rights will not terminate child support obligation(s).

Only if you are the father or legal guardian can you take the child away legally without a court order. If it is deemed that the child lives in a abusive or neglected lifestyle then CPS (child protection services) will take the appropriate action against the mother.

no the mother should have the legal obligation to take care of the child

yes, because it can be seen as child endangerment. you need to apply for full custody and the mother needs to be declared unfit to take care of the child by the court.

yes the child's father has to notified. and they will ask the father and if he does not want to take the child then they will ask other family members and if no family members want the child then they go to the God parents and if the God parents cant take it then they take the child to a foster home

yes, if that relative is the mother or father of the child, or the quardian is determined to be unfit to serve.

The father would need to legally give up his rights to the child or the court would have to take them away in order for the new husband to adopt the child.

If a father finds out he is the biological father of a child, he has as many rights to the child as the mother does. He can take the mother to court for custody or to set up a parenting plan.

yes the aunt could if the little girl had been taken away from her mother from child services and the father has no intrest. but she can not if the father decides to take custidy then no

A father has no right to "take the child from the mother" under any circumstances. Custody is determined by a court order. Obviously, in this case, the court has established a child support order and a custody order. Generally, the father must provide evidence that the mother is unfit in order to obtain custody through the court. Paying child support doesn't give any right to take the child from its mother.

Not if there is a court order for visitation or shared custody. She would then need your permission and the courts.

No, the father, can take custody of the child but this does NOT take custody away from you just because you wanted to give your child up for adoption.

Yes, unless there is a custody agreement in order. Neither mother or father has custody legally.

If you mean that the father hit the mother, and that is the reason she left the father, then no, that is not grounds to obtain custody. The courts usually award custody to the mother, unless she is unable to care for the child, or if she has been proven an unfit parent. Hitting a woman, especially the mother of your child, may actually go against you in a custody suit against the mother, and the mother had every right to take the child and leave if the father of her child hit her. The courts may also look at it as if the father hits the mother, then he may hit the child, too.

She can call Child Protective Services if she believes you are endangering the child. However, only the court can take your son away from you.

No. It is assumed that you are referring to a permanent move. He has no right to take the child away from her mother. The mother could report the situation to the police and an Amber Alert would be issued. The father must initiate a court action to end his marriage and set up custody and visitation rights and child support.

Yes, plus it can be increased. His chances of them offering to give him custody is 15%. see link for help.

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