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No. It takes much more than water pressure to turn on the water faucet. At most, there is a leak if anything at all.

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Q: Can a faucet turn itself on because of pressure in the pipelines?
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How many gallons of water does a kitchen faucet use?

The faucet itself does not use any water. The rate at which the water leaves the faucet is dependent on the make of the faucet.

What causes water pressure to lower gradually at only one faucet in a house?

The aerator at the end of the spout needs to be unscrewed and the screen and/or water saver cleaned out. Before rescrewing the aerator back on, run the faucet and see if you have full pressure. If not, the spout itself sometimes gets plugged too.

Why would a faucet turn on by itself?

Loose spindle

Why would a kitchen faucet turn itself on when using the washer or outside faucets?

The kitchen faucet tap is threaded and is kept stationary by an upward force from the water supply. A sudden surge of pressure from somewhere else in the pipeline releases the pressure on the tap allowing the tap to move freely. While there is still a little pressure remaining on the tap it will of course take the path of least resistance and open up a little. This seems to happen more frequently as the tap threads continue to wear. Wow that answer above??? My guess is that you have a Moen faucet they are known to do this when subjected to high line pressures and the pressure fluctuates. Check your line pressure with a gauge it should be 80 psi or less or you need a pressure reducing valve installed. The faucet probably needs the cartridge replaced. == Answer== The delta two handle faucet will do the samething. And i think any washerless faucet could do it. Replace seats, spings and cartridges.

What would cause a kitchen faucet to turn on by itself?

Nothing, it can not do that .

How many times has a faucet turned on by itself?

Never happens.

You replaced the cold water nipple on your hot water heater now you have NO water pressure at all?

No pressure anywhere or only hot water faucet? I'm guessing just at the faucets. Very often when you open up the water line rust and sediment will break off and plug the screens on the faucet. Sometimes it lodges in the faucet itself. Most faucets have a screen at the end of the spout that unscrews. I'll bet that solves your problem.

Can you get a burn by switching from faucet to spray?

Its not changing from faucet to spray itself that burns, but the temperature of the water and where your body part is in relation to the water.

How do I use the coupons I have from faucet direct ?

The easiest way to use a faucet direct coupon is using them online, by copying the code number from the coupon itself. Alternatively, you can also use the coupon at the shop itself.

How do you increase water pressure on outside faucet?

My parents went through this when they moved into there house. It is an older house. They ended having a plummer replace some and clean out the pipes. There was alot of calcium and mineral build up inside the lines. If it is just this outside faucet maybe you could just replace this pipe with new one. The faucet itself could be clogged. Good luck.

How does one apply a pull out kitchen faucet?

Installing a pull out kitchen faucet is really just as simple as installing any other standard faucet. The only real difference is that the faucet itself has a feed in line which connects to the water source inside the base cabinetry.

Kitchen faucet leaking - has lifetime warranty - how does it work?

A lifetime warranty only lasts for the life of the company that sold you the faucet and may not cover every component of the faucet. In general, if you have the warranty you can send the faucet back and they will send you a new one provided that the defect is covered. (Some leaks, however, may be caused by things other than the faucet itself.)

How do you fix a shower that has no hot water pressure when there is hot water pressure everywhere else in the house?

Replace the shower valve (faucet). I would call a plumber to check it out. Because there may be another reason, it depends on other things besides faucet. Like a crimped water line under slab floor, if you have copper water lines, i have seen the cooper pipe go all the way into a tee and block off the outlet to the faucet. If it has been like i have mentioned above it would have been like this since day one. It would help if people would tell how old there house is and how long has the problem been going on. And yes it could be very much the faucet itself if it just starting do it. IN ADDITION: This also depends if the shower has a mixer or tap (faucet) installed, as the question didnt stipulate this. The rest of the house could have taps and the shower have a mixer. Mixers need a minimum pressure of 400 kpa from the hot water tank (geyser) to work. If the hot water tank is of a lower pressure this would explain for its poor performance.

What could be the reason for not getting water from the kitchen sink faucets when there is full water pressure on all the other house faucets?

The water valve under the sink is turned off or has gone bad. It is possible that there is a blockage in the faucet itself. I'd start by ensuring that the water valve is turned off, and take the faucet apart and look for anything out of the ordinary.

How do you clean out the valves under the kitchen sink. I recently have low water pressure in the kitchen sink but no where else in the house. I have already cleaned out the screen on the faucet...?

When you took the aerator off the spout, did you run the water to see if it was full pressure? If it isn't full pressure with the aerator off, sometimes stuff gets plugged in the spout itself. Sometimes you can stick a wire down it and get rid of it.

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How do you reset the tire pressure light on a 2009 Chevy hhr?

It will reset itself while driving if pressure in spec and sensor itself is not bad

Can you increase the water pressure or flow on a energy efficient kitchen tap?

Depends, some have a flow restrictor in the screen at the end of the spout and some have it built into the faucet itself. Unscrew the screen on the end and see how much pressure you have then. The piece in the end has several pieces and you can take the center out and leave the screen and diverter in place so that the water does not splash when it comes out.

Why does hot water coming from a faucet have a different pitch noise than cold water coming from a faucet at the same pressure?

Here is what Contributors had to report on water pressure sounds: * First, the temperature of the water affects the internal diameter of the faucet and faucet neck where the water is delivered. Hot water coming through the faucet neck will cause inward expansion, parially closing off the neck and altering the acoustic characteristics of the faucet neck. Cold water will have the opposite effect. Second, hot water follows a different path from cold water. The hot water pipe will have a different length in most cases because it is coming from a different place; this, combined with the resonant frequency of the water heater itself, will alter the resonant frequency of the plumbing compared to the (mostly) straight-through cold water pipes. * Actually pipes expand outward when hot. That is, they will have a larger diameter, both internally and externally. They also become longer. * The actual answer lies with cavitation of the water... which is where the sound is coming from in the first place. * As the water crosses the partially opened valve of the faucet, it undergoes a rapid decrease in pressure. This decrease in pressure leads to the creation and collapse of tiny bubbles of water vapor and dissolved air in the water. This effect is called cavitation and is quite noisy as the small bubbles collapse and generate shock waves. -At colder temperatures, fewer and smaller bubbles with a shorter lifespan are created. * At higher temperature, more, longer lasting, and larger bubbles (and the sound they make) are created. This changes both the pitch and intensity of the sound as the water temperature changes. It's also why you can change the sound by opening and closing the valve slightly, which changes the drop in pressure.

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