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not really, have the tires balanced...when they have the wheels off to balance the tires, then have the guy....ok maybe a girl...look around your front end for any obvious problems, like a bad CV boot/joint!!:) and read a good book.. everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional manual the reference section, you'll have to make copies of the important sections...good luck :) Normally no, CV joint problems usually become apparent when cornering mostly very tightly, there can be a rattling or clunky noise. The problem you describe is more likely localised to the wheel or tyre, e.g unbalanced wheel/tyre, a buckle or dent in a wheel rim, a bulge in a tyre, tyre under-inflated. I hope this helps a bad inner joint has been known to cause a vibration.

2006-09-23 04:50:10
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Q: Can a faulty CV joint cause a shaky car and vibrations in the steering wheel at certain speeds?
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How do you know when tires need balancing?

A certain speeds, your steering wheel starts to shake.

How are earthquake vibrations used to study Earth's layers?

These vibrations change speeds and directions when they go into different layers of the Earth.

What can cause the steering wheel to free play on low speeds?

A worn out power steering pump, or steering box.

What causes knock vibration on the car floor at highways speeds?

Usually it's a wheel balance issue, but it can also be worn steering components, a bent wheel, a faulty tire or a bad CV joint.

Why does your car shake when you are going 35 miles per hour?

where is it shaking in the steering wheel or in the seat? shaking at certain speeds can be caused by a busted belt in a tire

Why does my 1999 CE Lancer shake under acceleration from 80kph onwards totally smooth on deceleration?

It is possible you need to have the front wheels balanced. Unbalanced wheels will cause vibrations at certain speeds.

Steering wheel shaking at high speeds?

Could be a minor out of balance condition with one of the tires, or a minor alignment issue that is unnoticeable at lower speeds. Also the tires may not be rated for the speeds you are attempting and are distorting. Another possibility is a harmonic imbalance, the tread of the tires may create a noise that causes a wobble in the steering, the sound is always there but raises to a harmful pitch at a certain speed.

Why do you have vibrations in your'96 Saturn SL2 at high speeds?

Tires need balancing?

Will tire fall off if it's not balanced?

It's possible, but unlikely. However it will shake violently at certain speeds and may damage steering gear and tie rods.

What causes the sterring wheel to vibrate at high speeds on a 2001 Nissan Xterra while in 2wd?

well... there are many different causes for vibrations. The most common cause for steering wheel vibration at high speed is poor wheel alignment.

Why does the steering wheel shake at high speeds?

== == Bad Tire or Tires.

Is vibrations at high speeds bearing related or diffrential related?

These are only two of many possible causes.

What can cause vibrations on a truck at high speeds?

I had a similar problem once and it had something to do with my brakes, I'd get them checked if i were you

What are symptoms of bad lower control arm?

Steering will "wobble" at higher speeds and sometimes when braking. General looseness in steering.

How do you fix a shaking steering wheel?

You probably need to get your tires balanced. Or replaced. If the bias goes (steel belt breaks or shifts), the car will waddle at low speeds, and the steering wheel will shake at high speeds.

Will bad tires make car shake at certain speeds?

Bad tires and bad alignment can cause the car to shake at certain speeds.

What can be wrong your 1998 suburban fan works on all speeds except hi?

either the fan switch is faulty, or the fan itself is faulty. most likely to be the switch

How do you tell if your power steering is bad?

How would you know if your power steering pump was bad on a 1992 Lexus ls 400?Any of the following symptoms can indicate a faulty power steering pump:Lack of steering assist (i.e. steering wheel difficult to turn, especially at low speeds)A whining sound that becomes higher in pitch as engine speed (not vehicle speed) increasesA thin, oily fluid leaking from the engine compartment onto the ground below, accompanied by a drop in the power steering fluid reservoir level

How to repair steering prolem with a la 105 john deere tractor?

Steering is difficult at all speeds. just took it out for the season.

What is wrong when 1997 pathfinder has the shakes when you drive it?

Need some more details. Vibration all the time? Only certain speeds, only when you accelerate, vibration in the steering wheel, in the whole vehicle?

Why does my steering wheel vibrate at low speeds?

could be a blockage in your fuel lines.

What can cause the steering wheel to shake half inch back and forth at lower speeds?

Bad tire, wheel, bearing, steering component,..............

Why is there a vibration in the steering wheel when I brake at high speeds?

Either your drums or rotors are out of round.

Why is power steering hard at slow speeds?

Low on power steering fluid ... check it, and all your engine fluid levels, at least once a week.

What causes steering wheel shake at high speeds?

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, drive shaft bent, loose or worn steering parts.