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Q: Can a federal convicted felon own a gun in Michigan?
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Can a convicted felon in Michigan bow hunt?

can a convicted felon hunt deer with a bow or a gun

Can a convicted felon bow hunt in Michigan?

can a convicted felon hunt deer with a bow or a gun

Can a convicted felon own a gun in Indiana?

Federal law prohibits it.

If you already own a gun and are convicted of a felony do you have to get rid of the gun?

yes you do. as a convicted felon you are prohibited by state and federal law.

How does a convicted nonviolent felon restore his gun rights in Georgia?

If you are convicted FEDERAL felon, you can't. If you are convicted state felon, and you qualify you can make application for exopungement. See below link:

In Virgina can a spouse of a convicted felon own gun?

A spouse of a convicted felon can certainly own a gun in any state. I would highly recommend that the gun is not kept anywhere where the convicted felon can have access to it (do not keep it in the same home, it would be best to store it at a gun club or similar). If the gun is kept where the felon can have access, it will be easy to claim that you had posession of the gun and posession of any gun by a convicted felon is illegal under federal law.

Can you hunt in michagan with a felony?

In Michigan, a convicted felon can bow-hunt after he/she is off parole. A convicted felon CANNOT hunt with a gun (including muzzle-loaders) EVER, or be with others gun-hunting, or be in a home with a gun.

Can a convicted out of state Florida felon buy a gun?

No. A convicted felon is a convicted felon regardless of WHERE they go or live in the US. Note: Use caution if you're even thinking about it! The federal punishment for felon in possession of a firearm is a minimum of 15 years in federal prison.

Can a convicted felon carry a gun in his car?

No. It is absolutely against both state and federal law for a convicted felon to possess, or even be in the vicinity of a firearm.

Can a convicted felon have a gun?


Can a convicted felon possess a bb gun?

BB guns/Air guns are NOT prohibited to convicted felons by federal law.

Can a convicted felon own a gun in Montana?

A convicted felon cannot own a gun anywhere in the U.S. unless the felon's gun rights have been restored.

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