Can a felon vote in Minnesota?

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If you have COMPLETELY discharged all of your sentence and meet certain other qualifications you MAY be eligible to have your voting rights restored.

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Q: Can a felon vote in Minnesota?
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Can a felon vote in Wisconsin?

A felon can vote when he/she is done serving his sentence and probation.

Can a felon vote in Florida?


Can a felon hunt in Minnesota?

Not with a firearm.

Can a convicted felon vote for president?

If the felon petitions for it, SOME states do restore a felons right to vote IN STATE ELECTIONS, but a convicted felon may NOT vote in a federal election.

Can a felon vote in Montana?


Can a felon black powder hunt in minnesota?


Can a convicted felon vote in long island new york?

i want to register to vote can i as an convicted felon in new york

Can felons vote in Michigan?

When deciding on whether a felon can vote in Michigan, factors need to be taken into consideration. It depends on what they are voting on and why they are a felon.

What if a felon does try to vote?

They go to jail.

Can a Va felon vote in a state that allows felons to vote?

You can only vote in your state (and district) of residence.

Can a convicted felon vote in Florida?

In the state of Florida a convicted felon had the right to vote when they passed laws allowing it in 2007. In 2011, the new Governor of the state over turned the law so now a convicted felon can not vote in the state of Florida.

Can a felon vote?

A felon cannot vote in the State of California unless he/she first receives a certificate of rehabilitation under Penal Code section 1203.4. Addtional info: a felon cannot vote anywhere in the U.S. When you become a felon, you lose your voting rights. You can sometimes, under some circumstances, have your rights restored.

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