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Yes as long as its a female betta they will be fine

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Q: Can a female betta live with a glo fish?
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Will betta fish eat glow fish if they are in the same tank?

in order for a betta to live with glo fish there needs to be at least 6 glo fish. they also need to be in the tank for at least an hour before the betta is put in the tank.

What does a female glo fish look like?


Can glo fish live with other fish?

Yes, they are community fish!

Do glo fish live in freshwater or saltwater?

Glofish are freshwater fish

Can glo fish live with tetrras?

Glo fish are Zebra Danios that have been injected with a jellyfish gene to make them glow. They can mix with most Tetras OK.

Can glo fish and lobsters cohabitate in the same fish tank?

No. Glo fish are freshwater organisms and lobsters are saltwater organisms. And if they could live in the same water, one eats the other.

What are some pretty tropical fish?

You could get a betta fish but if you get one it would have to be in a different tank than any other fish (as many people know the betta would eat ANY other fish). You could get African Chichlids they are really pretty and social, neon tetras,glo fish.

How can you tell the difference between male and female glo fish?

Forget about them being "glo fish". That is just SPIN. Glo fish are a genetically altered common fish made to glow artificially. They are in reality Zebra Danios (Brachydanio rerio). The females are slightly larger and plumper in the tummy than the males which are more slim lined.

Can a male Betta fish live with glo fish in a five gallon tank and what other fish can live with a male Betta?

male betas fight other fish, period. only the females are safe!AnswerI find bettas to be a good community fish IF there are no fin-nippers, other longfinned fish, or other anabantids in the aquarium. Bettas will fight with long-finned fish and anabantids of any breed, and fin-nippers will attack the Betta. Also, don't put the Betta in the tank with a fish that can eat it. I had to house a Betta in a tank full of Jack Dempseys. No damage to Betta or Jack Dempseys resulted, and Dempseys are aggressive predators. As to the original question...the only reason I am going to say no is it's a five-gallon aquarium, which is REAL small. Glo-fish are just genetically modified zebra danios, which get along well with bettas.AnswerSome answers are really misleading. Sure, certain betta can be psycho killers that will kill everything in the same aquarium.However, when you put a betta and a bunch of Glo-fish in the same tank, the problem will not come from the Betta.Glo-fish are genetically engineered Zebra Danio. They can be aggressive Fin-nippers ! Betta's long fin will make perfect target!On the top of that, Zebra Danios are 5x faster than a Betta at top speed. Slow moving Beta will never be able to catch a Zebra Danio.To decrease Glo-fish aggression, a school of 6 or more is recommended. Even that will not decrease the aggression to 0.A 5 gallon aquarium is also too small for Zebra Danios. Since they need room to move around a lot at high speed. Small sized aquarium will increase their aggression as well. They are good school fish and add lots of movement to your aquarium. They are nice to have, you just need a big enough aquarium and be careful about them being around other fish with long-fin.

Can a betta fish be put into the same fish tank as 7 neon tetras 2 black neon tetras 2 black skirted tetras 1 glo-light tetra 2 male guppies and 1 octicinclus catfish?

No, the Betta is an aggressive fish breed. It will fight anything that moves and breathes. It will shred up small fish with their tiny, sharp teeth. It is best to keep a Betta in a separate tank.You can only keep a Betta with other fish when the other fish are much larger than the Betta. Then the Betta will be intimidated and it won't dare touch the larger fish.

How long do glo fish live?

A little less longer than regular goldfish.

Are glo fish freshwater fish?

The answer is YES!

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