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Can a female cat in heat mate with a male cat she hates?

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Yes if the female cat allows the male cat.

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No, a fixed male cat cannot mate with a female in heat. However, it is not unheard of for a male to try and mount a female in heat regardless, as the the smell of the female will trigger the instinct to mate - even though the male cat cannot mate and impregnate her.

No, a male chipanzee will mate with any female that is in heat.

A male cat may try to mate with a female cat who is not in heat, but it is unlikely. Mating behaviors can also be displays of dominance.

They mate whenever they can find a female cat that is in heat.

The male dog may try and mount the female but if she is not in heat they cannot produce puppies

Usually if the female is in heat any male dog will mate with her

No, if you mean can two female rabbits mate to become pregnant, they can't! A male and female must mate within the time that the female rabbit is 'on heat' for the female to become pregnant.

The only way two cats will mate is when the female is in heat. A female not in heat will make it clear to any intact male that approaches her that she is not interested.

a male chihuahua will mate with a female chihuahua when she is in heat (AKA ovulating, on her period) they can sense it and then have the urge to mate.

Rarely. Usually male dogs won't want to mate with them because they won't smell the odor female dogs give off during heat.

It means that the female dog is ready to mate and breed.

No, a female cat will not mate if she isn't in heat.

They will act diffrent then usual. I have a male and a female cat that arnt neutered or spayed and the femal is pregnant but she is still in heat and the male cat is still trying to mate with her.

after they mate the female slides up the male while the male wraps her and the eggs come out of the female.

Yes. In the breeding season, when a female is in heat, a lot of male wolves will fight to mate with her. The male wolves fight, and when one of them does get to mate with the female, he guards her, so other wolves know she is taken. However, sometimes, another stronger, older wolf may fight the male wolf, mate with the female again, and stay with her for life.

Female dogs go into heat when they think of mating, they get excited, then the male dogs will mate with them... however a male dog can make a female one to go into heat by licking the dog's vulva with their tongues...........

Either its because its not in heat or not interested.

if your asking how to find a male dog for your female dog then your gonna have to wait until your female dog is in heat then automatically the male dog will be attracted to the female and they will mate

it doesnt matter if you are a female and you want a female mate you can have a girlfriend when your a girl. if you want a male and you are a female then you can choose a male it doesnt matter if you are a female and you want a female mate you can have a girlfriend when your a girl. if you want a male and you are a female then you can choose a male

No, a cat can not get pregnant when not in heat. Female cats will not allow a male to attempt to mate with her and will defend herself until she is in season and ready to accept a mate.

The male wolf waits till the female is in heat. When the time is right, the alpha male will choose its mate if there is more than one female in the pack. The rest from there is in a way similar to how a human mates.

Male Rottweilers know instinctively and from smell when a female is ready to mate. When females are in heat (season) they give off an odour that tells males that she is ready for intercourse.

You can have a neutered male and female boxer without worrying that they will try to mate. The dogs will not mate if the male is neutered.

Yes, this is her way of showing the male that she does not like him. The male pig is chasing her because he wants to mate with her. If she kicks, than that usually indicates that she is not in heat; is not ready to mate. Male and female guinea pigs should not be housed together unless, you are trying to get them to mate and the female is in heat.

No, only female dogs can go into heat. Males can mate at any time of the year.

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