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It's possible to develop symptoms after having chlamydia for a long time.

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Q: Can a female with chlamydia be asymptomatic for months and then get symptoms?
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Can you have chlamydia for months or years with no symptoms and then suddenly show symptoms?

Yes it is possible.

Is it possible to have symptoms of chlamydia for the first time 4 months after contact?

Yes, it is possible to have symptoms for the first time 4 months after contact.

When do genital warts appear?

Generally 1 - 6 months. However, a person can be asymptomatic and never have symptoms.

How long can a male have chlamydia without having symptoms?

A male can have chlamydia for months or years without having symptoms. Half of men with chlamydia have no symptoms. Those who get symptoms usually get them in one to three weeks.

What is an asymptomatic stage?

many months or years may follow during which the person shows no outward signs of disease. because of the lack of symptoms

How long before HIV symptoms occur?

Initial symptoms will occur in 1 - 2 weeks. Many people mistake these symptoms for the flu. HIV can remain asymptomatic for years, in antibody tests HIV usually shows up in 3 months, but can take as long as 6 months

Can you have chlamydia for six months and then start to show symptoms?

It is possible, but not likely. If signs are to occur, it is usually within a few weeks after infection.

How long can you have chlamydia before transmitting it?

You can have chlamydia for years without knowing, but it can be spread during this time. Each time you have sex, there is about a 40% chance of transmitting chlamydia. The chances of having sex ten times without transmitting the infection are very small -- about 6 in 1000.It's important to remember, though, that the person who gets chlamydia may have no symptoms either. In women, 80-90% have no symptoms, and half of men don't have symptoms. Your health care provider can't tell you how long you've had chlamydia. It's not unusual for someone to enter a relationship with chlamydia, and for neither partner to know they're infected until they are screened.For that reason, you should get tested for STDs whenever you have a new partner.Yes, you can get chlamydia, or first get chlamydia symptoms, four months after your partner did.

Can chlamydia become dormant and resurface after treatment?

Chlamydia is normally cured, not dormant, after treatment. You can have chlamydia without having symptoms, but the infection is not "dormant." Reinfection is common, though, and so the CDC recommends retesting for all patients, regardless of sexual history, three months after treatment.

How long can you have chlamydia before giving it to your partner?

Chlamydia can transmit in a week or so after infection. The chances of getting chlamydia if you have vaginal sex with someone who has it are about 60% each time you have sex. The chances of having sex with someone ten times without getting it are about one in ten thousand.It is not possible to Catch it in 6 months time, It is possible that the symptoms only become apperent after 6 months. this is rare though

What is a chlamydia screening program?

"Screening" for disease means finding cases in which patients don't have symptoms. Current chlamydia screening programs involve identifying patients most likely to have chlamydia, or most likely to suffer severe consequences of chlamydia, and testing them routinely. Recommendations include:Annual testing for women aged 25 and under, and men who have sex with men.Testing during pregnancy.Testing two to three months after chlamydia treatment.Testing when a patient has a new partner.

What if you had chlamydia for at least two months?

Go and see a Doctor.

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