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If your car is repossessed you are responsible for the difference in what it brought when sold by the loan company and what you owed, plus the repossession charges. That is more than likely where the $9,000 comes from. Rarely does the car bring even close to retail, and most often is sold at wholesale price. This leaves you in the hole for the balance which you will have to pay. This is repossession is such a bad idea. You need to seek legal advice from a lawyer.

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Q: Can a finance company garnish your pay for a car that was repossessed in 2004 and tack on 9000 dollar more then what you owed they started the garnishment in 2009?
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When your home forecloses and your RV is repossessed can the loan company garnish your bank account for debt still owed on them?

Yes, if they receive a court judgment in most states it can be used as a wage garnishment.

How much can a company garnish your wages for?

The state orders the garnishment, not the company, but they can take every penny.

Can a auto finance company garnish your wages in a repossession?

Yes, if they obtained a judgment in the processes. No employer will release wages to a third party without a valid order of garnishment however.

If a car is financed in Texas and repossessed in Kentucky can the lender garnish your wages in Kentucky?

If a garnishment has been ruled against you in a judgment it can be collected no matter where you are.

Do you have to be informed of a garnishment forcloseure collection repo?

Yes if they are going to garnish your paycheck they will notify the business you work for and the company will in turn notify you have a garnishment.

Can a finance company garnish a pay check if car has been returned?

Can not garnish in Texas or Penselvaina Can in other states

Can a credit card company garnish wages in Colorado?

If they get a judgment against you, Colorado does permit wage garnishment.

What does a company need to do before they can garnish wages?

The company should first notify the client about the garnishment. This is to let the other party know that they are open to negotiations or arrangements. If the client ignores the notification, then the company can proceed with the garnishment.

Can a finance company garnish your wages if you work and live in sc Work in sc owe debt in Georgia?

Yes, a finance company from Georgia can garnish wages even if the person lives and works in South Carolina. If the company got a judgement in court, they can garnish the wages in any state.

If you have a payroll garnishment how long can they garnish your paycheck?


Can a fiance company say they will garnish your check without a court order?

No every garnishment case has to go through a court.

Can a personal loan company garnish your paycheck for nonpayment?

Yes, if they file suit and are awarded a judgment the judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment.

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