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Yes. It can only eat the wasp, if the wasp is on the surface of the water or it drowned in the water.


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They eat Fish and Shrimp

Wasp fish are poisonous and spiny. If you touch their fins or spine, you can get badly cut and poisoned. In addition, wasp fish have been known to eat smaller fish.

Maybe, if the moth fell in the water.

spiders,snakes,one time i even saw a small fish eat a digger wasp,chichens,ducks and sometimes dogs

A sea wasp is a jellyfish.

sadly i have tried this and no it does not eat the wasp.

Yes, the box jellies eat zoo-plankton and small fish (^_^)

Wasps eat when they are hungary.

it is rubbish to hear that wasp will eat papers . these small insects cannot eat , if extremely if it eats it will not be digested. so wasp will not eat papers

Technically one can eat most anything, but generally humans do NOT consume wasp honey.

the sea wasp also called the box jelly fish- symmetry is radial

no , because the wasp could potentially harm the animal

Yesss. They are spiny and poisonous.

Hawk wasp adults eat nectar and small fruit, like berries. The larvae eat spiders that the adults paralyze and lay eggs on.

Honey bees are strictly nectar and pollen eaters, they are not carnivorous. It is more likely these were a variety of wasp.

Yes. I just filmed a jumbo grasshopper eating wasp. The grasshopper is actually dominating the wasp very aggressively.

I wouldn't recommend it.

Wasps use their strong mandibles to eat food.

Certain species of wasps will kill and eat butterflies. The most common ones known to do it are the trichogramma wasp and the chalcid wasp.

You have to breed fish like a spined goldbuld + wasp goldbuld = a magic fish of grouth.

Humans do sometimes eat wasp honey: better than hornet honey, worse than bee. Sometimes wasps feed on plants which makes wasp honey toxic.

You can breed: Golden Fire-Arrow+Orange Fruitfish=Oriental Fire-Arrow Wasp Grouper+Wasp Arrowfish=Wasp Fire-Arrow Oriental Fire-Arrow+Oriental Fire-Arrow=Canary Fire-Arrow

flies rubbish and caterpillars

the wasp? I don't know.

There are fish that do eat them, but not ALL fish eat them.

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