Can a flat screen TV lay flat?

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It touches children if you put in on a stand so if you lay it flat you can T-bag it regularly
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How much does a flat screen tv cost?

Check your local store or online for prices as they change continually. Less than $100 / £100 will get a small flat screen television and probably an HD ready television as well. If you have more to spend, $1000 / £1000 will get a 40 inch model with 3D and smart television functionality. ( Full Answer )

Can the Wii work on a flat screen TV?

Yes the Wii displays on a flat screen TV. Any flat screen will be able to handle the Wii just fine. If you want better picture quality then you can pick up the component cables and connect the Wii to your television that way.. It is actually preferred if you have a flat screen tv.

Who invented the flat screen tv?

Sharp was the first company to sell LCD televisions. Sharp was the first company to sell a flat-panel LCD television.

When was the flat screen television invented?

in 1995 A flat screen "pocket television" was invented by Clive Sinclair in 1976 and sold under the name of the TV80. The original prototype for plasma flat screen televisions was developed in 1964 by Donald Bitzer, Gene Slottow and Robert Wilson at the University of Illinois. The first true f ( Full Answer )

What do they call a flat screen TV?

They call a flat screen television a "big screen tv".. That is the slang term.. The scientific term for it is LCD flat-screen television.. YOUR WELCOME!

What is the best flat screen tv?

usually the best flat screen tv is an HDTV with an LCD screen. but it is also up to the buyer as to the size of the tv they are looking for or the different types of brand names to choose from

When was the flat screen tv invented?

The first flat screen television was invented in 1964. It wascreated by two professors who wanted a better way to rendergraphics from a computer program.

Dimensions of flat screen TV mount?

Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) is a standard for mounting flat panel monitors and TVs. This is correctly known as FDMI, but more often referred to as " VESA mount ". The interface is implemented on most modern flat-panel monitors and TVs, but not all. Sub-Standards . MIS-D 75 = Mounti ( Full Answer )

Who invented flat screen tv?

The very first flat screen television was also the very first television. John Logie Baird demonstrated his "Televisor" in 1925 in a London department store. The television used a rotating disc instead of liquid crystals and added a backlight behind the disc for illumination. As the disc rotated, ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a cheap flat screen tv?

Online retailers like Best Buy are good places to look for cheap lcd tvs. Their ads are sales are always changing so this will require come time to keep updated.

How do you measure a flat screen tv?

You measure the screen by going diagonal across the screen. Somescreens are up to one inch smaller than their advertised size.

How deep is a flat screen television?

Early flat screen televisions were typically up to 4 inches deep. The latest are under one inch deep and the OLED televisions due to reach the markets in 2012 and 2013 are heading for a mere one quarter inch deep.

Is there a flat screen TV that is not HD?

The world of domestic television moves fast. In 2009, there were several standard definition flat screen televisions. In 2010, as this answer is being written, they are rare. There are several reasons for it. One of the major factors is the production cost. The cost difference between an HD model ( Full Answer )

How much are flat screen TVs'?

Really depends on the size and the make .. If you are to buy a huge sony Bravia it would cost above £2500

What was the flat screen tv invented for?

\nThey look sleak and cooler. Aslo they have more of an ability to be put in different places around the house. And they take up less space because you can hang them on a wall.

When did flat screen TV come out?

The world's first television system, The Televisor, by John Logie Baird is also the world's first flat screen television. The display used a backlight of varying intensity with a rotating disc in front of the light to act as a shutter. As the shutter exposed each part of the image, the lamp intensit ( Full Answer )

Who makes Craig flat screen TV?

Craig Electronics, a company in Miami. They usually sell them thru or you sometimes find them at the CVS stores.

What is the biggest flat screen tv?

The largest domestic model that is commonly available is an 84 inch one. Above that size, requires the use of modular components and they can be built up to virtually any size you can imagine (or afford).

How can you get a flat screen tv?

Most electronic retailers in this country would be happy to sell you one and some will give a discount as well

How do you weatherproof a flat screen tv?

Although there are a few TV screens that have weatherproofing kits, they tend to be very expensive to buy and to fit. The other method is to build an enclosure to protect the screen from water damage. A housing of marine plywood is a good start, with a safety glass aperture for the display. The tel ( Full Answer )

How do you a Clean a Flat Screen TV?

You can clean a flat screen TV by taking a dry soft cloth and wiping. Do not use water because it will leave marks on the screen.

How do you transport a flat screen TV?

For short distances, pack the TV upright with blankets or bubble wrap on both the front and back of the screen. Wrap the whole thing with packing tape, and make sure that the placement in the moving vehicle does not allow it to contact corners or sharp edges, particularly on the screen side. For lon ( Full Answer )

Does a flat screen tv damage your eyes?

Yes flat screens do damage your eyes. Even though most of the scientist are afraid to admit it, a flat screen can make you lose half of you original eye sight and except for that you will also have other problems that depend on a lot of different things, like: how long you watch, how often, what you ( Full Answer )

How do you connect wii to flat screen tv?

using either the scart socket, the big chuncky one or if that's not there the three a.v plugs yellow red and white. hope this helped!

How can you fix your flat screen tv?

In which way? This depends on what you need fixing. The easiest way though is to buy a new one. It also depends on brand and product. or try switching the white wire ,take the bendy bit out swap it around and put it back in again

What is the lifespan of a 42 flat screen TV?

The average lifespan of a 42 inch flat screen TV is about 60,000 hours. As technology moves forward, TV's become much more reliable and longer lasting.

Where can you buy a flat screen tv stand?

You can buy a television stand anywhere where televisions are sold. Some of the most popular places are online stores like Amazon or in person at Ikea, Walmart, Target, Circuit City, BestBuy, and so on.

What are the advantages of a flat screen tv?

There are many advantages to flat screen TVs over there larger, outdated predecessors. These advantages include: better and often HD quality pictures; a smaller footprint in a room; wall mountable; more energy efficient and better looking.

What is the top brand of flat screen TV?

It depends on what you are looking for as there are many excellent brands to choose from. I believe the Panasonic TC-PVT30 series is an excellent choice. Panasonic has a few models that rank highly.

Is there such a thing as a pioneer flat screen tv?

Yes there is such a thing. They are usually above $2000 and they are quite bulky. Personally i prefer LCD or Plasma screen T.V's, but if your going for a sort of theme in your house then this might work.

Can a flat screen tv be tracked?

No, unlike computers and cell phones, flat screen TVs are just displays, completely lacking any computational components, other then what is necessary to decrypt signal coming from wires.

How to build a flat screen tv?

Modern electronic design and assembly is outside the scope of any home electronics builder. Devices as complex as televisions are beyond the abilities of most smaller electronics companies. However, a starting point is to obtain a display panel. LCD display panels can be purchased from a number of ( Full Answer )

Is Plasma in flat screen TVs?

Some televisions are plasma displays, although these models are less common these days. Most flat-screen TV's are Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) backlit with either flourescent bulbs or Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

How do you clean element flat screen TV?

Use an exact 50/50 mix of White Vinegar and Distilled Water. Do not use tap water. Turn the TV off and wait for it to cool. Spray the solution on a soft fiber cloth and gently wipe the screen in a circular motion. Never use any paper product. If the solution runs you are using too much. Be very ( Full Answer )

What Are the Benefits of Flat Screen TVs?

Mainly that they need less space, and can be hung on a wall. The good ones have a better image. May use less power. And of course their invention meant that the industry got to sell a lot more units.

What is the mass of a flat screen tv in kg?

Small televisions (20") normally weigh just four or five kilos. Larger ones are considerably more with an 84" commercial model weighing in at well over 100 kilos.

Where are flat screen TVs sold?

A flat screen television can be obtained either online or in store. The most common businesses to buy a flat screen television from are stores specializing in electronics.

What is the benefit to a tv screen being flat?

There are many benefits to television screens being flat. They are much lighter than their older CRT counterparts. They are easier to move. Many people say that the picture is better and it feels more like sitting in a movie theater. Many flat screen televisions also use much electricity.

What is the definition of a flat screen television?

The definition of a flat screen television is a television with a flat panel display area for viewers. The front viewing panel of the television is made of a thin material in order to keep the surface flat for better display. Many of the flat screen televisions use a liquid crystal inside for the vi ( Full Answer )

Where can a cheap flat screen TV be found?

A cheap flat screen TV can be found at many places. The most notable sources would be electronic liquidation stores that sell discounted electronics such as TV's.

What is the largest Sony flat screen TV?

The largest Sony flat-screen TV available to the public is 82 inches; it is also a 3D TV and an HD TV, like most other modern TVs created this decade.

Where is it possible to buy a flat screen TV?

Flat screen TVs are widely available at electronics stores, department stores, big box stores, even home improvement or office supply stores and online retailers such as Amazon. They can also be readily found at overstock or warehouse stores for a good bargain, if one is not too selective about bran ( Full Answer )

How much is a Samsung flat screen tv?

Samsung flat screen televisions vary in price depending on the size and also on the features. A basic 40 inch television would cost around 400$. One with more features (Smart TV and 3D for example) and 60 inch, could cost around 2000$.

What is the difference between a flat screen Plasma tv and a flat screen LCD tv?

A Plasma TV is created buy using a neon-xeon gas in glass that is sealed by plasma. To create an image, electric current is passed through the gas to make it light up. An LCD TV has two layers of a clear material that has the liquid crystals locked between the layers. A light source is need for the ( Full Answer )

What are some names of flat screen TVs?

Some brand names of flat screen tvs are Insignia, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. Usually tvs are not named as such but do have model numbers such as the Samsung 40 inch LED HDTV whose model number is UN40EH5300F.