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Hepatitis is spread through bodily fluids so unless you are bleeding, urinating, or spreading bodily fluids around there is no reason why you wouldn't be able to practice as a therapist.

And also, US takes a strong stand on anti-discrimination, so as long as you take necessary precautions you can work.

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How does math apply to a physical therapist?

Giving amount of medicine

Were can i get my physical therapist certification in the state of Texas?

You must apply through the state for licensing as a Physical Therapist. This site has details: Click on "apply for a license" under "Online Services."

Does a physical therapist have a medical degree?

Yes, a physical therapist does have a medical degree. You have to learn how to improve a post-injured body part, and how much pressure to apply in what stages.

How do you become a civilian physical therapist for the military?

Once you are qualified as a physical therapist, you can apply through the web site www dot USAJobs dot gov. Build a resume in the web site and start a profile for yourself, then apply. Any openings for physical therapists to work with DoD will be listed here.

How do you get info to be a Physical Therapist College?

Just apply, there are really no pre requirements for kinesiology or physical therapy, you learn all of that at the college you choose.

What do you need to major in to become a physical therapist?

Majors vary by the Physical Therapy school you apply to, but the most common major require for PT school is Exercise Science.

What does a physical therapist need to do to get a massage therapy license?

A physical therapist needs to do the same thing as anyone else that wants to get a massage therapy license. They need to go to an accredited school and pass the state or national exam, then apply for a license in their jurisdiction.

Can you apply a tattoo if you have hepatitis?

No because if you have HEPATITIS! you might infect the needles and the die for tattoos.

What are the prohibitions that apply to you as a dental nurse?

A must to work as a dental nurse is to be Hepatitis B immune

Who are and what are the Foreign Legion.When and Where can i apply to join?

The Foreign Legion you're probably thinking of is the French Foreign Legion, which is an elite unit of infantry, subordinate to the French Army. To be able to apply, you must first physically be in France.

What pressure should the massage therapist apply to his patients?

The massage therapist must use touch with sensitivity in order to determine the optimal amount of pressure to use for each person.

I'm a Fijian citizen can you apply to join the France Army?

you can apply to join the Foreign Legion

Can i apply through internet in the french foreign legion?

No. You must actually go to France to apply.

How can you apply a french foreign legen?

fist i must be strong and heath and prod to be a french foreign legen

With a BS degree in science and physical education How long will it take me to become a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant?

First, they are two extremes within the same field. A physical therapist assistant is a two year associate degree, while a physical therapist must have the minimum of a master's degree in physical therapy, and that may soon change to a doctorate. How many credits will transfer to the associate degree will depend on which courses you complete within your bachelor's degree. For instance, have you completed human anatomy and physiology I and II? These two course alone would take one academic year if you take them within the two regular academic semesters because of the sequential nature of the courses. Thus, how long it would take depends on the courses already completed, which courses were completed, and whether you have all the prerequisite coursework completed in terms of even applying to the master's program, which would take approximately two to three years to complete. Lastly, please understand, that some students feel they can take the physical therapy assistant program and use that as a lead-in to the physical therapist program. Nothing you complete within the associate program (even the professional phase courses) will apply to the master's program.

What laws apply to foreign nationals working in military?

Laws of the country

What happens to your US passport if you apply for a foreign passport?

it is taken away

What classes do I need to take to get my respritory therapist license?

In order to apply for the respiratory therapist license, one must graduate from the respiratory therapy diploma program offered at various community colleges. It is important to note that in order to apply for these program, the applicant must have successfully completed the admission requirements for the program.

What laws apply to foreign nationals working in military treatment facilities overseas who violate privacy standards?

The laws of the host country apply to foreign nationals working in military treatment facilities overseas.

Definition of physical technology?

Technology = knowledge apply that to whatever u mean by physical

How do I apply for a personal loan without an email address on line?

apply through physical address

You are a Nepal citizen can you apply the work permit?

Please correct your question. Are you asking if you can apply work permit in Nepal or foreign country?

How do you become a Physical Therapy Assistant with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies?

In most States, physical therapist assistants are required by law to hold an associate degree. You would have to research colleges that offer the program and complete all the requirements of that program. Some courses from your bachelor's degree will apply to the associate degree in physical therapy assisting. These might include English composition, humanities and social science electives, etc.

Does the law of conseration of mass apply to physical changes?

Yes, both for physical AND chemical changes!

What are the qualifications of physical therapy?

To become a physical therapist, you first need to complete a bachelor's degree covering all courses needed to enter graduate school. Then you can apply to accredited university programs to receive your doctorate of physical therapy, now required to practice. Graduate school lasts 3-4 years depending on the university's program. To be a physical therapy tech, you could find a community college or technical school that would provide certification. The university degree is better. I know of 3 types of PT jobs: A physical therapist (PT), a physical therapist assistant (PTA), and a physical therapy technician. To be a PT, you would need to graduate with a bachelor's from a university and then attend physical therapy school which ranges from 2-3 years. A PTA is an associates degree (I believe). Both require you to obtain a license to practice by passing a licensure exam. I am a physical therapy tech, and was trained on the job. There are a few full time physical therapy techs at the clinic I work at, but most of us are college students working part time to get experience before applying to physical therapy school.