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Can a former landlord charge the tenants to change the locks on the property?

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No, a former landlord can't charge the tenants to change the locks on the property. All sorts of situations can happen between landlords and tenants when it comes to changing locks. Whether landlords change the locks or tenant changes them, both need to know what otherone can and cannot do. So all should know evrything before going to buy a property. I have some idea regarding Las Vegas Eviction Services of RocketEviction, which offers quick, efficient Nevada eviction services for apartment complex owners, high-rise condominium owners and other multi-family rentals in Clark County, Nevada.

2017-09-12 08:32:50
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Can a landlord charge more rent for existing tenants and less for new tenants?

Yes. A landlord can charge different rents for different apartments, since no two apartments are exactly the same. Also, if the old tenants think they are paying too much, they can leave at the end of the lease term.

Can a landlord charge for cat damage?

If a cat damages a rental property, the landlord can charge you for it. They will usually take it out of the security deposit.

Can a landlord charge tenant for water?

Normally, the landlord does not charge for water. In most states it is illegal for landlords to charge their tenants separate utilities. However, the landlord can have utilities in its own name, the bills of which can be passed over to the tenant for payment. Also the tenant is not allowed to charge for water and sewer to tenant of multi family attached units (such as apartments).

Can a landlord charge a pet deposit for a animal in a tank?

I'm no lawyer but... If a landlord may charge a pet deposit at all, then surely they can change it for an animal in a tank.

Can a landlord charge to repaint an entire unit?

In most states a landlord can only charge to repaint a unit if the painting must be done to repair damage caused by the renter. A landlord is responsible for maintaining to property but not responsible for damage caused by the tenant.

If the landlord owns washing machines and charges tenants for use can he also charge for the water used?

no usually you have a water bill, if not then he or she might it all depends

Can the landlord require tenants to paint for next tenants?

The careful answer is (as usual), "it depends". As you phrase it, the answer is "no", the landlord is responsible for maintenance such as painting. The landlord cannot charge for (or expect the tenant to do) repairs for normal wear and tear. So, for example, if you lived there 5 years and there are dirty spots or a few scuffs from a bicycle wheel, that is likely wear and tear. If you had a bird that pooped all over the floor and the walls, that is unreasonable damage. So, if the landlord is giving you the chance to paint over something bad you did, then you should take the opportunity to make things right. If most people leave the property in as good condition as you are leaving it, then the landlord is not making a fair request.

How do you become a landlord?

Anytime you rent a home that you own to someone else you are that person's landlord. The person you are renting to is known as your tenant. There may be local or state requirements, such as licensing, etc. You can list your property on many online or printed sites. You may want to consider accepting Section 8 vouchers (Housing Choice Voucher Program) as you are likely to have better tenants, a paradox. HCVP tenants are screened and are not allowed into the program if they have a history of violent crimes or are registered sex offenders. Always have a system by which you can check your potential tenants' background. You can hire a service for this for a charge of about $30 per potential tenant, something you can charge back to the applicant as an application fee. If you do accept HCVP vouchers you can list your property with the Housing Authority in your area, increasing your chance of keeping your place occupied by good tenants.

Can a landlord charge you a different rent amount than he charges the rest of his tenants?

yes, each tenent can have there own agreement, up to you to neg best rates

Finding out maximun landlord can charge rent?

Check your local tenant/landlord laws. Generally, they can charge what they want--it is a matter of what the market will bear. They own the property and it is their choice, with some guidelines about exclusions, as to who they will rent to and what the terms of the lease are.

In Florida In an apartment complex is it legal to lower rent on vacant apartments while existing tenants continue to pay the same higher rate for identical apartments?

In Florida a landlord can charge as much as he wants. They can have "specials" or other incentive to lure tenants.

What can a landlord charge to move in a California house rental?

what can a landlord charge to move in a California house rental?

Can a landlord charge a tenant to repaint?

If there is reasonable cause that the tenants did damage to the paint some how. Like if they marked all over the wall and anything else. But usually this is taken for the down payment to get into the place.

Can a landlord in Connecticut charge first last and a security deposit?

Yes, a landlord in Connecticut can charge first, last, and a security deposit to renter.

Can an apartment landlord in Texas charge fees not in lease such as paper billing and HOA fees?

It is unseemly that a landlord can charge a tenant for other than the items listed in the lease. You can pay them and take your landlord to landlord-tenant court for reimbursement, or you can approach a landlord-tenant advocacy to find the answer that you want.

If a landlord has 3 months of extra rent if the rent is late can a penalty be charge. Credit card won't charge a late fee if there's over payment. how does this work in a lt situation am I late?

In NY, landlords can charge reasonable late fees to tenants who are late on their rent if this is disclosed in the lease agreement.

Can landlord charge for gas servicing?

hi just thought I would expand on the question. My landlord was investigated by the office of fair trading and the report said that they should not Be charging for the gas service among other things. The report was dated sept 2004 I moved into the property in March 2004. What I would like to know is does my landlord have to change my tenancy agreement even though it was signed before the oft report

Your dog stays in a kennel outdoors should you have to pay a pet fee to your landlord?

Pet fees or deposits are common in rental agreements. This protects the landlord from suits that may arise from the animal. It is usually up to the landlord if he wishes to charge a fee for pets. The dog is on the property regardless of being kept outside or not.

Which physical property is defined as the ratio of the change in an electric charge in a system to the corresponding change in its electric potential?


Is elctric charge a property of just electricity or is charge property of all atoms?

Electric charge is a property of some subatomic particles. Atoms can be neutral (zero electric charge), or they can have a charge. If they have a charge, they are called ions.

Can a landlord change the lock on your storage locker?

The laws regarding the renting of a storage locker is not the same as residential landlord laws. In a residential setting a landlord may not change any locks whatsoever, without proper eviction procedures followed. If you have a storage locker that is part of the property you are renting from a residential landlord it is subject to that same rule. If your landlord also owns a storage facility from which you are also renting a storage locker, and you owe him rent for your residential property, he may not change the locks of the storage locker as long as you are current on your storage locker rent. If the rent of the residential property includes the rent of the storage locker as part of the rent altogether, he may not change the locks of the locker, whether the locker is located on the property or a separate facility. If you are renting a storage locker, whether the owner of that facility is also your residential landlord. then you are subject to the regulations regarding the rent of a storage locker. If you are behind on that rent the owner may charge you late fees and then may place one of his own locks on your storage locker to lock you out of your locker until all fees and rent are kept current. After a certain time the facility owner may seize your locker and auction off any contents therein.

I have this landlord who is splicing his own Dish Network and trying to charge tenants a lot of money and even evicting people for not accepting the agreement. How do you report satellite TV fraud?

Call Dish TV, the Attorney General, and your local building inspector.

Can a landlord make you pay for cleaning cost in a apartment after you move out?

If you paid a non-refundable cleaning fee, then, no.If you did not pay a non-refundable cleaning fee, then the landlord can charge you for cleaning of the apartment if it was left not as clean as when you moved in. Yes, Landlords are entitled to have the property returned in the same state as you got it. Always offer to pay towards it and remind them they can claim it against income. Remember - it is getting harder to get property and Landlord references are key!

Can the landlord charge adverstment on breaking a lease if it is not in the lease?


Who is in charge of homeland?

landlord, home owner, or privious owner