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No. Foster parents do not have legal authority to give permission for a minor to marry, move from the residence, drop out of school, and so forth. Foster parents and foster children are under the direct supervision of the court, therefore such decisions can be made only by the court based on the best interest of the minor child.

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2006-03-26 14:05:51
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Q: Can a foster parent give consent for a child to be married?
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Can an underage child get married with the consent of one parent in New Jersey?

If both parents are living, you have to have the consent of both.

Can a physical custody parent give consent for the child to be married under 18?

The legal guardian is the one who can give consent.

Can you get married in Georgia if you already have a child and are under the age of 18?

Yes if you have parent consent. (:Bonnie:)

Can a parent take a child out of NJ with out consent of other parent?

That depends on whether the parents are married, never married or divorced and whether a court has jurisdiction over the child by virtue of a child support and/or custody order.

How does someone get married in the foster care system?

If a foster child is wanting to get married. They will have to be of a legal age or be emancipated in court by a judge. If your looking to be a foster parent you always don't have to be married.Just depends on the agency's policy.

What happens when a child is in foster care and not allowed to be with mom but foster parent gives child to parent on weekends?

If this is by court order, the Foster Parent could be held in contempt and lose their certification.

Can a parent take a child out of the country without the consent of the other parent And if they do will child support continue?

You cannot take a child out of the country without the consent of the other parent.

Is it illegal to adopt a child without the parents consent?

It is not illegal in certain cases to adopt a child without parent's consent. Being adopted at an older age, my parents had no consent who my adoptive parents were. My biological parents rights were terminated from the state because they were not deemed fit to be parents and I was in the foster care system. Being an unfit parent means neglecting and or abusing their child(ren). Social Services comes to take the child away and places them in foster care. If a child ends up in the foster care system and become eligible to be adopted, it is ultimately up the the foster parents if they want to adopt the foster child. In my case being an older foster kid, I was also able to have a say in my adoption. Biological parents have no say if the child is in the foster care system.

Can a lawsuit be filed against a parent who changes there child's name without the consent of the other parent?

Depends on who made the change. If the parents are not married to each other the decision what last name the child will have belongs to the mother and she will not need the consent of the father.

What does Ward of the state mean?

a child who, as determined by the State where the child resides, is a foster child, is a ward of the State or is the custody of a public child welfare agency. The term does not include a foster child who has a foster parent who otherwise meets the definition of parent.

Does foster parent need to work in order to a foster parent?

No, they have to be financially able to support themselves and the child though.

Who can become a foster parent?

You can become a foster parent if you don't have a criminal record. You can not have an abusive environment for the child to come into.

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