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You could sue and get a judgment, but most states would not allow you to garnish the disability benefits to collect the judgment. If the person on disability had other assets like a house, you could go after those assets. If the person IS on disability, they might not HAVE other assets to go after.

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Q: Can a fraudulent check be collected from a person on disability?
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What is fraudulent check?

I believe a fraudulent check is when a check has no funds to cover it, or has a stop payment, and its deposited to defraud the bank. It can also be a check that belongs to somebody else and is issued by a person to whom the check does not belong by signing in the name of the check owner.

What will happen if you cancel a personal check before the business cashes it?

It will be returned to the person that you wrote the check to and considered a bad check " possibly fraudulent"

How much can a person on disability earn per year without being taxed?

A person on disability should not earn anything besides getting their monthly check. They are on disability because they are not able to work

Is a fraudulent check a felony in Sc?

Yes. Anything fraudulent is a felony everywhere.

If a person goes to prison will they continue to get a disability check?

When a person goes to prison, he or she is no longer considered a citizen. Ergo, you probably will not get any further assistance like disability.

If a check is made out to you and you endorse it over to another person is it considered a third party check?

Yes. It would be classified as a third party check and the person who cashes it is at risk. The bank will cash the check if the third party has an account in good standing. However, if the check turns out to be fraudulent the funds will be withdrawn from the accounts of the person who cashed it.

Can a creditor garnish a Social Security disability check?

It depends on the type of disability check.. but typically no..

Does a previous fraudulent enlistment bar your from reenlisting in the military later on?

I understand from my veteran spouse that you cannot try to reenlist because fraudulent enlistment is not legal. I suggest the person contact the local recruiter's office and double check.

Can you track your VA Disability check?

how can i check on an undelivered check

Need copy of your disability check 2oo8 and 2008?

yes i need my disability check copy for 2008/2009

Can ssa take your disability check for 14 straight months for backpay and leave you with nothing?

is ssa crazy.............if a person is disable and only gets disability from ss, how r they supposed to live

Are VA Disability benefits taxable?

Your VA Disability check is NOT taxable. VA Disability is a compensation NOT earned income.

What are Protection to a collecting banker and to a paying banker?

A collecting banker's protection consists of the check he collected is a crossed check, he collected the check only as an agent, and he collected it in good faith. For a paying banker, his protection is that the signature is verified and the check is genuine.

Can the state garnish your disability check?


Widow now can you still receive his disability check?

Unless death is regarded a disability NO

Who will buyout my va disability check?

Can a person collect short term disability in Colorado while on unemployment?

Check your policy for language about disability while unemployed. Many will require that you be unable to perform two or more activities of daily living.

Results of my group disability claim?

when was my disability check mailed for claim number 250901789101

Are long term disability taxable?

Can you file on the taxes that are taken out of long term disability check

Is it hard to get disability insurance if your disability isn't serious?

This depends on what you mean by not "serious". A disability is a disability. Check the disability laws for the state you reside in to find out what the requirements are in order for one to collect disability insurance. If your disability prevents you from working or performing normally, then it is still serious.

Can someone get in trouble for cashing a check received from an unknown source?

When you receive cash from a check you are essentially receiving a "loan" of sorts from the bank while the bank collects the money for the check from the drawee bank. If you receive cash from a check that is fraudulent in some way, you are obligated to repay the money that you received from the check to the bank. If you are in fact due to be given money by the person who wrote the check to you, you would then have to separately seek that money from them - but YOU who received the cash must repay the bank (or check cashing service). If you are the innocent victim of a fraudulent check you need only repay the money to the bank (plus any fees for presenting a returned item) and your "trouble" is resolved. But if you knowingly present a fraudulent check, you may have additional legal problems. The best thing to do when you receive a check from an unknown source is bring it to the bank on which it is drawn and explain to them how you received the check, and have them verify that it is legitimate, before attempting to negotiate it. You will almost certainly find that most checks you receive from unknown sources are fraudulent.

Will social security disability recipients get stimulus check in 2013?

Spouse death check

If your disability check is mailed can your disability check be still garnished by an administrative offset?

Sure, the way payment is made doesn't change a thing. The offset is made well before the payment is issued, by check or electronic check.

Can you receive pregnancy disability while unemployed?

It depends -On how long you've been unemployed, and why, and how your short term disability policy language reads. Check your policy for details.If you are inquiring about state disability programs, check with your department of labor.

Can a social security disability check be garnished for a repossession?