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heres what i think may have happened, if any water has condensed in your tank it will sink to the bottom of the tank and with temperatures that cold, im sure it would freeze, about the only thing you can do is bring it inside a heated garage for a while and put some gas line antifreeze in the tank, you might check to see if you blew a fuse for the pump also, the worst thing could be that the ice broke the gears inside the fuel pump, lets hope not, hope i could help, p.s., you should put gas line antifreeze in about every other tank or so in freezing conditions, it could save you a lot of trouble with the fuel system.

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When did they start using antifreeze in cars?

When the outside temperature dropped below 32 degrees F.

If it is 47 degrees outside what is it in Fahrenheit?

47 degrees Celsius outside are 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Explain why an ice cube melts?

Because it is not 0 degrees Celsius outside!

Why does ice melt when left out?

Because it is hotter than 32 degrees outside of the freezer. Water freezes at 32 degrees.

Should i wear a big coat when it's 30 degrees outside?

Yes, because 30 degrees is below freezing.

Does it sleet when the temperature is 40 degrees outside?

Not necessarily. When it is 40 degrees Celsius outside, it is sweltering!

Can Oscar fish live outside?

no, because they need a heated tank between 71 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. they like 77 degrees Fahrenheit because it reduces stress and diseases.

It is 54 degrees outside the temperature drops 18 degrees what will the temperature outside?

Still 54 degrees if the 18 degree drop is inside!

Are you more likely to ice skate on a lake whe temperature outside 30 degrees C or 30 degrees F?

30 degrees F because 30 degrees C is about 90 degrees F and you would not have much ice on the lake!

The shelter can be maintained at 80 degrees with an outside temperature of how many degrees?

125 degrees

When you have two regular hexagons sharing one side what does the outside angle equal?

The shared interior angles add up 240 degrees so the shared outside angles add up to 120 degrees because angles around a point add up to 360 degrees

What was the temperature outside when the Titanic sank?

the Temp outside was 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit while the water was 31 degrees Fahrenheit

If it is hot inside and cold outside what happens if you open a window?

Well what if it is really cold outside and hot inside what will happen then, did you think of that? hot and cold it only your opinion because it think 10000 degrees is cold and -1383 degrees is hot

Can it snow if it is 37 degrees outside?

No. It has to be less than 32 degrees.

If the temperature is 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside what is the temperature in degrees celsius?

35 degrees Celsius.

What is the temp outside?

100000000 degrees

What does this convert to in Celsius 90 degree outside 70 degree inside?

32.22 degrees C outside, 21.11 degrees inside.

Why does ice cream go soft out of the freezer?

It goes soft out of the freezer because the temperature outside of the freezer is above freezing, which is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit outside what is the temperature in degrees Celsius?

65 degrees Fahrenheit = 18.3 degrees Celsius.

If outside temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit what is the temperature in degrees Celsius?

60 degrees Fahrenheit = 15.5 degrees Celsius.

Find the degrees Fahrenheit if it is 35 c outside?

35 degrees Celsius = 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will chocolate melt in car when it is 46 degrees outside?

Degrees K or F, no. Degrees C, yes

If the inside angle is 25 degrees what is the measure of the outside angle?

335 degrees

If the temp is 65 Fahrenheit degrees outside what is the degrees in celsius?

65ºF = 18.33ºC

What is the record temperature for Louisville in history?

The highest recorded temperature was 107 degrees reached three different times. The lowest was -22 in 1994. Areas just outside of Louisville dropped to as low as -41 but these were not official stations.

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